Advertise Websites for Less and Get More Leads as You Spread the Word about the need For Environmental Care

Advertise for less and get more leads
While you contribute to an ecofriendly plan for the children

Some Folks got Special Words for their E Cards when they Contributed to the Eco Friendly Project for the Children

Send special words for your loved ones and friends

Now that 2020 is coming to an end

Climbing to the Top

If you decide to stop climbing You’ll never know about the excitement that success brings You’ll never have a different point of view And have the experiences that are brand new So keep on climbing until you get there Forget about doubt and fear Think about the great feeling you will have Keep on movingContinue reading “Climbing to the Top”

Don’t be Unfair

Now that it is clear That life is hard when persons are unfair We should agree that it is good to care Life will be much better on planet earth When we live in unity and figure out what love is worth We will be fair to each other each day And find ways toContinue reading “Don’t be Unfair”

Recycling can be done in Many Ways

Recycling can be done with paper, electronics, plastic and more We can easily work toward having zero waste, that’s for sure Yes recycling can be done in many ways And after a while we will see how much it pays We will be creating jobs for the homeless and the poor Did you know weContinue reading “Recycling can be done in Many Ways”

Smile and go that Extra Mile

I will wear my smile And go that extra mile When life gets tough And times are so rough My smile will rescue me It is all the people will see They won’t be able to tell That I’m not doing well I will be happy again after a while As I will find helpContinue reading “Smile and go that Extra Mile”

Life can Be Like a Happy Song

Sing a happy song Even though they did you wrong  Play a happy tune As decide that you will be feeling better soonYes , you will get to that beautiful place And your pain will be replaced With a love that is pure and true You’ll find a way to forget about feeling blueThere willContinue reading “Life can Be Like a Happy Song”

More Environmental Care

It is clear that there is a need environmental care

Fixing the Bad Situation

Get over that bitterness and frustration And fix that bad situation Friends will see you through Soon you’ll feel brand new Don’t you worry at all Friends will answer your call You’ll be happy tomorrow You won’t have sorrow ………………………………………………………………………………………………… Check out the ebooks and find out how to support a great project for theContinue reading “Fixing the Bad Situation”

Think about Those Clean Beaches

Think about the clean beaches where the children can play Think about them when you throw things away Rainfall takes the waste to the beautiful ocean And soon tourism will not be getting any promotion The beaches will be covered with debris, it will be an ugly sight to see What will that be sayingContinue reading “Think about Those Clean Beaches”

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