Mother Earth and What she Deserves

We call Earth mother because she provides for us in many ways
And taking care of her will pay

Building Environmental Protection Awareness is By Far the Best thing to do

When we build environmental protection awareness in a great way
We can look forward to having a brighter day

We Have The Knowledge and the Technology To Protect our Children’s Future

The future will be bright if we treat the environment just right

Climate Change and the Crisis That is Creating Refugees

The world should put plans in place for climate refugees

Coral Reef Restoration is Important

It is so good that there are people who care about ecosystems and the creatures who depend on them Even though there are others who don’t, and they only destroy and cause problems Living in a sustainable way and protecting our environment is a great thing to do And being productive as we produce neededContinue reading “Coral Reef Restoration is Important”

Saving the Planet for the Next Generation

Save out Planet before the next generation becomes more upset

This Speech Might Cause Leaders to Do More about Climate Change

Mia Mottley the Barbados Prime Minister is telling the other leaders about the people who are facing serious challenges in so many ways When Global Warming cause them to struggle more and wonder if they will ever see a brighter day It was good to see a leader who seemed to be speaking for theContinue reading “This Speech Might Cause Leaders to Do More about Climate Change”

The Plastic Epidemic and the Solution

When we all decide to reuse, reduce and recycle each day
The plastic pollution problem will go away

Young Gardener Helping Others

Children are learning a lot when they begin planting seeds

What will Happen if we Allow the children to Treat the Environment in the Same Old Way?

Ecokids have a good plan for the future let us help them today by giving the the right information before it is too late

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