Trash to Cash and the Great Possibilities

Trash to cash we can change the way we earn
When we are willing to learn

Environmental Education Will Help us to Plan for the Future in a Better Way

Environmental education is needed more each day
We can’t reduce air pollution if we don’t do things in a new way

Climate Change is Happening and Our Actions Needs Changing Too- Time For us all To Do Something New

We will be doing more to make our future secure
When we reuse, reduce and recycle more

The Illegal Waste Disposal Problem is Making Life Unbearable in Some Places

pollution is a problem we need to fix everywhere
Let us spread the word about the need for environmental care

The Solution for Plastic Pollution is seen when more Recycled Plastic is used to make New Things that are Created to be used for a Longer Time

We can send the plastic pollution problem away
As we use plastic waste to create new things every day

More Online Shopping and more Waste to Manage

More online shopping and more waste to manage
Are we ready for the challenge?

Waste to Wealth = Environmental Health

Waste to wealth is an awesome plan
Everyone wants to be a healthy and wealthy man or woman

Trash to Cash is Helping a lot of Individuals to earn and the plans are Getting Better Each Day

Trash to Cash a new way to earn
It is so good to learn

The Next Generation will need to be Better at Waste Management in the Future

There is a project here for the children and the environment
You can inform them now so they will want to make a commitment

If Each Home Could Have a Waste Reduction Plan it would Be Easy for us to have a Clean Environment

When better waste management takes place in every home on the planet
We will have a clean environment and less regret

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