Mother Earth and What she Deserves

We call Earth mother because she provides for us in many ways
And taking care of her will pay

A Fantastic Future

Our future will be fantastic
When we reuse, reduce and recycle plastic

Before Our Children Ask Why We Didn’t Protect the Environment, We Can Do More

Climate Justice is what we all should seek
Or our Governments will say we are so weak

The Awesome Eco-Friendly Tips that will Help with the Reduction of Carbon Emissions

We can use more eco-friendly tips and reduce carbon emissions each day

Zero-waste household – baby steps — Learning Thursdays

Zero Waste plan

Using Shampoo Bars- A Great Way to Reduce Plastic use

Use shampoo bars as you Plan to use less plastic

When Children know What it means to Go Green they will Develop Good Eco-Friendly habits

We can tell children what it means to go green with special ebooks … they are available on the funwritings website

One More E-Book For the Eco Kids -Coming Soon

One more eBook for the eco kids will be here soon

The Circular Economy and Sustainability

The circular economy is a great idea we should all embrace it one day
So we can send the pollution problem away

Show Love to the Environment and You will get a lot of Benefits in Return

Lives improve when the planet is protected

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