Environmental Education Will Help us to Plan for the Future in a Better Way

Environmental education is needed more each day
We can’t reduce air pollution if we don’t do things in a new way

Free Samples and the Children’s Eco-Project Update

First I should thank all the individuals who have contributed to the eco-project over the many years, you have liked my posts , commented on them, given me great reviews on my eBooks and Fiverr gigs and encouraged me to keep on trying… I appreciate your support a lot. Working on the solution for plasticContinue reading “Free Samples and the Children’s Eco-Project Update”

We Should Want to Have Clean Air Everywhere

Now that it is clear that there is need for more environmental care let us spread the word everywhere

Pollution on the Rise because Some Folks are not Aware of the Need for Environmental Care

Air pollution is a problem in many places
And cancer is taking the smile away from too many faces

Why we need to figure out how to treat plastic when it is not needed anymore

It is important for us to have clean water and air
Let us spread the word about the need for environmental care

How We Destroy Our Own Lives When we Ignore the Need For Environmental Care

It is time for us to start protecting our planet now
We need to start planning for the future of our children somehow

Mother Nature Gave us so much Beauty and what did we give Her in Return?

Now you can easily tell the children how to treat the environment right
So we can have a future that is bright

We can benefit From Upcycling in so many Ways as we Protect the Environment

We can save cash and the planet too
When we upcycle old things so they can look new

Take Care of Mother Earth and She Will Take Care of You

Mother Earth provides the herbs, vegetables, grains, fruits and so much more for us all She helps us to be healthy and strong so we can stand tall It is time for us to pay more attention to environmental care So we can have less pollution and more clean water and air We might seeContinue reading “Take Care of Mother Earth and She Will Take Care of You”

Why we Should Spread the Word about the Need For Environmental Protection

Waste management is not to be done only by the government
We should be doing our part as we protect the environment

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