How Children Fall in Love with Nature

Parents can help children to fall in love with nature in a simple way

Mother Nature Should be Enjoyed not Destroyed

Mother Nature should get a lot of care
Since we are always in need of clean water, healthy food and fresh air

Take Care of Mother Earth and She Will Take Care of You

Mother Earth provides the herbs, vegetables, grains, fruits and so much more for us all She helps us to be healthy and strong so we can stand tall It is time for us to pay more attention to environmental care So we can have less pollution and more clean water and air We might seeContinue reading “Take Care of Mother Earth and She Will Take Care of You”

Mother Nature’s Many Gifts

Beautiful beaches and lovely water falls They say it all If we won’t protect them one day our backs will be against the wall We should listen when the scientists speak and when the environmentalists call Mother Nature delivers so many treasures They surely add to our pleasure I believe those beautiful blooms were designedContinue reading “Mother Nature’s Many Gifts”

Don’t Fail Mother Nature Any Longer

We can replant the trees we cut down to make paper and reduce our carbon footprint We can receive our bills online so companies won’t need to print Yes, there is a lot we can do We can tell the children how to protect Mother Nature too It is possible for development to take placeContinue reading “Don’t Fail Mother Nature Any Longer”

We will See Less Pollution When we Care

When we use plastic waste to make new products businesses grow
And we have hope for a bright tomorrow

Mother Earth Keeps on Giving

Beautiful Earth you have been giving so we can be happy and keep on living

Those Beautiful Blooms

Those beautiful blooms Will leave no room For doom and gloom They will send your cares away On a dark and dreary day They were designed with you in mind They are the best things you can find When things are not going right And all you can think about is that plight They areContinue reading “Those Beautiful Blooms”

The Blooming Flowers

The flowers bloom When it is time to forget the gloom When it’s time to see the sun rise Never say life is not the greatest prize Never say life is not special Even when you have a trial As a new day will be coming soon And you will be singing a new tuneContinue reading “The Blooming Flowers”

Feed The Spirit and The Mind

Be Kind
Feed the Spirit and the mind

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