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Climate Action

Global Warming to Extinction

If we continue on this destructive path and simply watch as Earth gets hotter. We will only have ourselves to blamer because we were warned.

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planet before profit
Climate Action

Should Climate Activists Be Arrested?

Climate activists can have an impact one day and cause people to treat the environment in a better way. We could see decreased pollution and more green job creation

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climate change

Moving Away from Environmental Degradation

If we allow environmental degradation to continue when we can build environmental protection awareness in a new way and use environmental solutions as we prepare for the future in a great way. We can only blame ourselves for our troubles

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Fossil Fuel – Destruction – Climate Justice

There are some who continue speaking out about the environmental issues such as climate change. They believe change will come when people are empowered with the correct information about environmental solutions. We can build environmental protection in a better way.

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