Climate Change and the Crisis That is Creating Refugees

The world should put plans in place for climate refugees

Is it Impossible for Us to make the Needed Changes to Reduce Global Warming?

All the new devices we have seen recently need electricity for their operation The laptops, cell phones and all the other new devices need energy, but the use of fossil fuel is putting the world in a bad situation So even though some individuals believe there are only a few ways for economies to growContinue reading “Is it Impossible for Us to make the Needed Changes to Reduce Global Warming?”

Climate Change and Increased Poverty

climate change is real and the children need to be prepared to do something new

Say no to Extinction and Do more to Save the Planet

We can change what we are doing now and work towards having a bright future somehow

Dooms Day Warning in Antarctica as Glacier Melts

The climate emergency should be getting more attention from leaders

The Solution For the Eco-Crisis is a Revolution that Should Happen inside us

We can see environmental protection awareness as a step in the right direction

Sustainability and The Circular Economy

The circular economic model offers a lot of benefits

Showing That You Care about Environmental Protection in many Ways

Show how much you care about the children and their future today

Ozone Layer Restored?

If the ozone layer could be restored the climate crisis can end

Greta Thunberg Not Satisfied with Progress Made After Cop 26

Blah Blah Blah means we need our leaders to act

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