If Global Warming Continues The Earth Will Be Too Hot to Sustain Life

Sustainable development is not out of our reach

Planning for A Green Future is a Great Idea and we Should Prepare For it in a new Way

We should prepare for a green future
and help the children to have an adventure

Hear the Earth’s Cry

Let me plant a tree
Let me protect a bee
If change will begin
Let it begin with me

Questions about the Catastrophic Weather Events

Fixing the climate change problem is what we should all be trying to do
So many people are struggling trying to make it through

Since The Climate Change Problem Has Solutions, Why are More People not Interested in Solving it

eliminating the climate crisis should be a thing we all want to do

Too Many People are Not Aware of the Need for Environmental Care

Let us tell the people everywhere
Why it is good to know more about environmental care

Climate Change Disasters, not a Future Threat- They are here Now

Climate Change disasters are doing a lot of damage now
We have got to change the way we are acting somehow

No Country is Doing What Scientists Recommend to Avoid the Worst

Climate change requires a change in our behavior

Increased Greenhouse Gas Emissions Causing Stress

Let us equip the children with the information they need so that together we can stop climate change

Climate Change – Heat Wave Killing Many in Canada

let us try harder to use the solutions to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions

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