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Overpopulation and the Environment

Is it overpopulation that causes poverty or is it our inability to share?  If we could find better ways to communicate and be more caring, would it be possible for us to take better care of the environment?

Overpopulation causes excess waste and the need for better waste management. The questions I ask myself as I hope there will be a change in the way we think about our planet and what will happen if we don’t find a way to stop being so materialistic and selfish, so we can do the right thing and have clean drinking water and air, maybe we could stop contaminating our own food with our waste.


The need for wealth is ruining our health. The rich countries are mainly the ones who have poor air quality. However, they won’t stop producing because they don’t want their economic growth to decline.

It is as if so many big businesses don’t care about the environment, they only think about profits. Climbing the ladder of success is all about having more stuff and poor health it seems.

Plastic Pollution Problem

Plastic has made our lives better in many ways as it has kept our food safe and made the fast food business grow, but now it is destroying our environment and some persons will wonder if there was a reduction in the size of the population on earth, would we still have the problem we now have with plastic pollution?

Would we have such a problem if there were less persons living in cities? Should we encourage more persons to move to rural areas and live off the land so they can breathe fresh air and use less plastic?
Reducing plastic use is another great plan that is being promoted at this time, but helping persons to be more aware of the plastic pollution problem and getting them to change the way they discard their waste has been a challenge.

Solving the Plastic Pollution Problem

Bringing up children who are aware of the plastic pollution problem and telling them all they can do to solve it, is the best way to deal with the problem. Parents will learn about the importance of protecting the environment when they are helping their children to be more aware.
he only way we can manage the plastic pollution problem is by changing the way we live, and the best way for this change to happen is by bringing up our children in a different way, we need to tell them more about proper waste management and tell them what they need to know about protecting the environment. We can no longer allow our children to do the same things we did when we were growing up.


If we could encourage more persons to move out of urban areas would there still be a problem with over population? This is a question we all need to ask ourselves. We have been saying city life is best for too long and now that we have contamination of water and food because of the way we live, it is time for us to start thinking in a new way.

Spreading out the population is something every Government on the planet should be trying to do. There would be new ways of learning and earning, this would allow economies to grow and job creation would be done in a better way. Getting rid of the overpopulation problem and the plastic pollution problem can be done with a few simple changes. We just need to be willing to adjust before it is too late

Telling Children about Reducing Plastic Use


We can’t afford to do nothing about overpopulation and the plastic pollution problem and changing the way we educate our children about protecting the environment is very important. So let us get it done. This site
is equipped with all the books the children will need when you are ready to help them to be aware of all they can do to protect the environment. The eBook Reduce for Taffy</a

Tells a story of all the changes children make when they are reducing plastic use. They will understand how plastic affects the marine animals like the Sea Turtles and they will want to do their part in creating a bright future for themselves and the planet.

Yiu can support this effort by ordering fiverr gigs and other eBooks on the site. That is how you will be helping to promote the use of reusable items and reduce the number of plastic bags and other plastic products that we use everyday.
When children know about the changes they need to make and why, we will be moving in the right direction as we work towards having a healthy environment. Let's solve this problem together, we can make the necessary changes together and look forward to having a bright future here on our planet.

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Prepare Kids to Face the Future in a New Way

When we are serious about helping our children to face life in 2025 and beyond we need to think about the current trends and what is happening with the jobs these days.

The days when persons got jobs and kept them for their whole lives are gone, as technology has changed the way things are done in the world. A lot of persons are being employed on a contractual basis With the constant increase in the use of technology, everything is changing in the world of work.
Jobs are different and protecting the environment is now seen as something that more more critical as time goes by, and we know about the effect that green house gases are having on our planet and how plastic pollution has been hurting our environment.

The Change that will Affect Our Children

As parents, we need to look at the jobs that are being created now and help our children to get ready for them, instead of doing things in the old way, as we wouldn’t want to be preparing them to be accountants and bank tellers, as those jobs might not be around when they grow up. We should be preparing them for work in these modern times.

Greens jobs or skill related jobs and technology-based jobs are more available than other jobs these days and even adults will find that they need to be trained to do green jobs and other modern jobs if they want to be continually employed these days.

Children should be prepared to be self-employed as well.


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Why Children Should Know about Going Green

Telling children why it is important for them to know about protecting the environment as when they have more information about the issues pertaining to environmental protection, the easier it will be for them to find solutions for the existing problems we have, and they will be ready to create solutions and develop jobs for themselves and others.

The Problems That Will Need Solutions
We are in need of a biodegradable material to replace plastic, the fertilizers that are filled with chemicals at the moment will need to be replaced, there will need to be a solution for the release of greenhouse gases in the air and helping cities to have good air quality, that is another problem that they could be thinking of solving from an early age.

When children start thinking about protecting the environment early in their lives they get a chance to prepare for a better future.

kids sitting on green grass field
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Preparing Children To Live in the Modern World

Now that a lot of persons are becoming more aware of how important it is for the environment to be protected and companies are beginning to do business in a new way. Taking care of the planet in a way that is sustainable that will make it possible for humans to continue living, is important and some business people have decided to do things in a new way.

Managers are thinking about taking care of the air, land, and soil. That is being seen as something that is very important by some managers now and children will need to fit in with the changes that are going on; as more persons are talking about going green and I’m sure you’ll agree that it is important, for the children to be equipped with the right information about protecting the environment.It will be easier for them to find jobs and become better employees. If they should decide to become entrepreneurs they will be more prepared when they have knowledge of these important issues.


Creativity should be encouraged when you are preparing your child to face the future. Telling them about the problems we are facing now with plastic pollution, air pollution, soil contamination and more environmental issues.There are persons who are thinking of implementing a zero waste plan so that there will be no more waste management issues to deal with anymore.

Encouraging children to begin doing their part as it pertains to protecting the environment is the best thing parents can do for children at this time. Giving them all the information they need so they can make better choices when they are discarding waste, buying products, using water and using light.

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Preparing Children to Face a Future that is Constantly Changing

It is a duty that parents have, to prepare children to face life as responsible citizens on earth. Now that we know that the health of our economy and our health are both connected to the health of our environment. We can understand how important is for us to help our children to treat the environment right.

Creative children will be able to create jobs for themselves and others; they are the ones who don’t get stressed out when they lose a job, as creativity steps in and solutions are created to resolve problems.

The population on earth is growing too fast and the earth’s resources are being depleted because of the way we consume, without replenishing nature. It is time for us to think about the source of our drinking water and our food.


You can easily tell children how tree planting will make a huge difference in their lives with an easy to read eBook “Ricardo’s Tree?

Saving Taffy Turtle” is another eBook for children and it is found on the site. It encourages children to think of Marine animals when they discard plastic waste. Taffy Turtle is a cute pink Turtle that the children will love.

This eBook is one of the books that belongs to a series of books that are being published for the children. Supporters of the project have contributed to the publishing cost of this book by ordering eBooks and Fiverr gigs on the site 

There are other books that are waiting to be published and contributing is something you’ll like doing as you will get a lot in return. Great service is offered on Fiverr and you will enjoy reading the great eBooks you’ll find on the site as well.



Environmental Protection Awareness is important and now that the information that the children need, is so easy to find. We can all look forward to having a healthy environment to live in. Having clean water and air can be something we look forward to having everywhere and ending the need for having beach clean-up days can be something we look forward to.

Now that it is so easy for you to make a step in the right direction, don’t hesitate, the children are depending on us to show them how much we care about their future. One great way to do that is to help them to learn more about protecting the environment.

Let’s give them gifts that will keep on giving, let’s inform them in the best way we can about how easy it is for them to do more for our planet so they can look forward to living a happy and healthy life here.



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E-Waste, the Problems and Solutions

Before you discard your electronics think about the toxins that will leak

Think about the children’s future and the good health that you seek

Now you can tell the children  how they can make their own future bright

When e-waste and all other wastes are treated right

E-waste is a huge problem, old electronics are piling up in places

We need to find ways to reduce e-waste before there is a look of distress on more faces

Harmful Toxins

It is alleged that cell phones manufactured since 2012 are packed with toxic chemicals—arsenic, lead, and polybrominated flame retardants etc. These toxic substances leak into the soil and get washed into our water supply and our food sometimes. Burning cell phones cause toxins to be released into the atmosphere as well.
It is best for us to keep on using our cell phones as long as possible or sell them to the companies who buy used cell phones as we try not to add to the problem we are now having with e-waste. Replacing broken glass on cell phones can be easy to do, you can watch this video.


Teenagers who are not aware of the problems that arise because of the improper way they discard cell phones have only used their cell phones for 18 months before they dump them in the trash. This makes it very important for the information about the effect of toxins on the environment to be passed on to them even before they start using cell phones. When this is done, they will be more aware of what they need to do to protect the environment and prevent some of the problems we are having now.

Technology is upgraded very often and almost everyone wants to keep up with the latest trends by having all the most modern gadgets. But those who know about the impact e-waste has on the environment will keep on using their cell phones for a longer time. They know they will be saving cash and they will be protecting the environment at the same time.

Other Electronics </
Added to cell phones we discard old computers, television sets, radios, CD players, printers, and other electronic gadgets every day and just like plastic they don’t break down and become a part of the soil until many years have passed.
It would be good if we could recycle more of the electronics. Even though not all the material that is used to make them can be recycled. We have been sending our e-waste to the landfills all along, but now that we know the problems caused by the toxins they are made with, we should try to find ways to reduce the amount E-waste we generate.

greyscale photo of queen butterfly on flower
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When electronics end up in landfills, toxins like lead, mercury, and cadmium might leak into the soil and water. This is very harmful to humans, it is important for us to find more ways to reuse our electronics so we can reduce this problem.
The electronic waste is a huge problem: More than 20 million tons of e-waste are produced every year. It is worst in the developed countries, Americans alone generate about 3.4 million tons of e-waste per year. If all the blue whales alive today are placed on one side of a scale and one year of US e-waste on the other, the e-waste would be heavier.

Think before you act when toxins destroy air quality people get sick after a while. Everyone who uses electronics should think about suffering people when they use electronics and discard them, they become a problem to persons in other countries and electronics take a long time to break down and become a part of the soil, so it is easy for them to pile up.

Extending the use of Electronics

Some schools are in need of more laptops and some of the laptops that have been discarded could be fixed and given to students or prisoners who need to find something productive to do with their time could use them to learn about starting careers so they can earn when they get out of jail.

When we protect the environment we protect our own health, so being aware of what we can do to reduce the amount of toxins we allow to get into our soil and water is all about doing something great for ourselves. Telling our children about these problems will cause them to make good decisions about the way they use electronics in the future.

Why We Should Tell Our Children About E-Waste

Children who know of the damage that toxins cause can be more prepared to find solutions for the problems, let’s not keep them in the dark. Support this project and they will have more books to read about these important issues. They will start thinking of ways to recycle more e-waste and protect the environment. You never know what can happen when children are told the facts about important issues.

They might start thinking of ways to repair more of the electronic gadgets we use so we can both reduce the amount of e-waste we generate and save money at the same time. We need to find more solutions for the e-waste problem we have created, if we don’t the situation will keep on getting worse every day and we will be destroying ourselves.

Why We should encourage Kids to Play Outside More Often

Encouraging children to have fun and enjoy nature is a great thing for parents to do at this time. The number of obese persons on earth has increased over the years and the use of electronics has been blamed for the problem.

So you will be doing something great for your kids when you support the project that provides them with more information about the things they can do, while they enjoy the great outdoors more often. water-fight-children-water-play-51349

They will be protecting their eyes as well, staring at a computer screen or smartphone screen for hours can be very damaging to their eyes. They will find that having fun with friends will be a lot more enjoyable than holding electronic games and smartphones in their hands and they will get the exercise they need.

Parents will be spending less on these gadgets after a while, as children who are busy playing with friends won’t need games to keep them occupied. They will learn to make new friends more easily also and this will be good for them.

Recycling E-Waste

We should insist that the manufacturers of electronics do more recycling and there will be less e-waste in places like this. Simply living day to day, playing video games, buying all the latest gadgets and discarding them so they go into landfills after a while has left us with problems. It is time for us to tell the children that the games they play and all the electronic devices they use are starting to pile up in places and more needs to be done to find new ways to get rid of e-waste before the whole earth is covered with old electronics. A small problem get’s huge over time if we do nothing about it.



The Project for the Children and the Environment

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Get great service online

The project has been supported by many persons over the years and more books are being worked on every day. When children know more about reducing waste and protecting the environment, it will be easy for us to achieve the goal we have set to have zero waste on our planet in a shorter time.

It is alleged that 49 million tons of e-waste were generated in 2012 and if this figure continues to rise the future will be bleak for people on earth. So let’s find ways to inform our kids in an easy way, by supporting the project here and publish more ebooks for them to read about the protection of the environment. As we do more to reduce the number of old electronics we send to landfills as much as we can.

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Protecting the Environment while we Discard our Waste

When waste is discarded in the best way, as we try to protect the environment persons will become more creative and they will realize that many problems will be solved. Many of the things we normally discard can be used to create things we can use. You’ll find that you will save money and have more gifts to give. Added to that, children who watch their parents treating waste in the right way will want to do the right thing too. They will be learning valuable lessons about protecting the environment and they will want to pass on their knowledge to their friends, this will help to spread the very important message, about how good it is for us to do more for the environment. The plastic that is now a problem for the environment will become beautiful Jewelry Boxes, toy cars, Christmas tree decorations and many other useful things you can make to use in your home as you reduce the amount of money you spend while shopping.

You will be reducing the amount of waste that get’s to the landfills, the oceans and the Seas when you discard waste in a better way. You’ll have more compost for your plants when you do gardening, you will be reducing the amount of smelly waste that gets into your garbage bin. More plastic and paper will be recycled or made into new products and less toxic fumes will be released into the air. Take a look at this new composting equipment. It makes composting very easy. We should always support persons who make these equipments, so they will be encouraged to make more similar equipment to protect our environment.

Environmental Protection Awareness Helps

Children who are aware of how important it is for waste to be separated will help their parents to get the waste in the right bins as they grow up to become responsible adults who do all they can to protect the environment at all times.
Separation of waste will become a normal thing for families to do when they are aware of the problems they will face if they continue discarding waste in the wrong way. Parents who tell their children about waste separation and how important it is; are doing the right thing and they will get more help from their children with taking out the waste when children understand the benefits of their action.

How to sort waste before Recycling

Recycling and reusing waste material is very important and separating glass, metal, paper and plastic, should be done in the correct way, and they should be placed in separate bins, as we think about the workers who handle the waste when it gets to the depot. We wouldn;t want them to get wounds because of broken glass.
This video will tell you all the things you need to know about sorting your waste before discarding.

Roads made with Recycled Plastic
There are more products being made with recycled plastic every day and using plastics to build roads is a new idea that is being explored. Some persons are very happy about it and they have started to make plastic roads, but some persons think it will be a bad idea. We need to use more recycled plastic everyday, so it is good to see that there are persons who are trying new ways to use recycled plastic. Even though there are persons who believe it is better fpr us to use plastic to make oil again and use it to produce energy.

Watch this video and learn more about it.

Now that we know more about how plastic causes problems in our environment and we are finding new ways to reuse , reduce and recycle plastic. We need to pass on valuable information about environmental protection to our children, so they won’t make the same mistakes we made. There is a project for the environment and the children here

Children will have access to more books

Children will have access to more books
that are written about environmental protection; in simple language that children will enjoy reading. them as they learn all they need to know about protecting the environment.

Children who are aware of the many things they can do to protect the environment will want to help with finding solutions for the many problems we have with the pile up of waste and how it causes problems for the environment. They will be creative and helpful as well.They have been very creative when they try to find new ways t0 reuse waste. They have made toys for themselves and others and other products even their parents can use around the home. They also begin learning about being kind to others, as they do more for the environment. When they make new products from waste and give them away.

Plastic Waste Problem

Our actions have an impact on our planet and our own health. Since the plastic we flush, gets into our rivers, oceans and seas, they are eaten by the fish that we buy to eat. Even the sea salt we use in our kitchens can be the sea salt that has small pieces of plastic in it. There is far too much plastic waste on our planet now. Reducing the use of plastic is something we all need to do, and discarding plastic in a responsible way is very important as well.

Since the use of disposable plastic products has escalated around the world, the amount of marine creatures who lose their lives because of plastic waste has increased a lot. I’m sure we would be very upset if another creature on this planet allowed their waste to invade our home and take our lives. So why do we continue to disregard the plight of the marine animals and fish?

If we simply use one less item that is made of plastic each week and encourage persons who are close to us to do the same, we can reduce the amount of plastic that washes down into our oceans, let’s give it a try. We just can’t afford to pass on a planet that is just a big garbage dump to our children,

We can reduce our use of plastic by refusing to use at least one item that is made from plastic each day, and encourage our friends and loved ones to do the same.We can change the way we treat plastic and save our planet. Plastic knives and forks are not needed let’s use the ones we used before the plastic ones were made. You can carry them in a bag with you wherever you go and refuse to use the plastic forks that are handed out by restaurants. You can also choose to eat at restaurants that use silverware only. Your actions will change the way business people treat plastic.
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pexels-photo-265903.jpegOur world is constantly changing, but we should want the changes to be good for the environment.Now that we are aware of the plastic pollution problem, let’s try to fix it. Remember this, anything that is bad for the environment is bad for us as well. We are connected to our environment in many ways.

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The Project for the Children and the Environment

Why it is Important to give Children Information About Protecting The Environment

Helping our children to be aware of what they can do to reduce the amount of plastic that gets into the seas and the oceans, is more important now than it has ever been before; recent research is helping us to understand that there might be more plastic in our seas and oceans than fish after a while if nothing changes, and the only way for us to reverse this problem is to recycle more as we reduce the amount of waste that get’s into our seas and oceans.


Children who are informed about protecting the environment and how important it is, are empowered to protect themselves and the marine animals as well. They know the effect the burning of plastic will have on their health, they will also know about other environmental issue that are making the air, soil and water quality bad and they will encourage other children and adults to change the way they do things. They are always interested in creating a bright future for themselves and their friends; this will lead to the change that is needed in societies, as more persons will become more aware of what they can do to protect the environment.

There are countries where the Tourism product is being destroyed, as the people continually throw their waste in rivers as they don’t realize how the sea is affected when the waste ends up there. They don’t think about the fish they want to eat and how waste affects them. They need to be informed so they will be destroying their own lives, as they don’t have the right information. However, now that we know how recycled plastic can create new products and help us to reduce the cost of the things we buy as we create more jobs.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle are the three words that should be spoken about everywhere on the planet, so we won’t have new plastic islands being formed in our oceans, dying and deformed marine animals and fish, in the waters that surround our countries because of our inability to protect our environment.

About Trash To Cash

Helping everyone on the planet to understand that trash can be turned into cash is something we need to think about more often and empowering children is the best way to get the knowledge to spread quickly. Children love to talk and they can get their parents to change the wrong things they do very easily. Parents will quickly realize that they should be setting good examples for the children to follow, it should never be the other way around; this will cause them to change the way they do things in an effortless way. This has worked many times before and I believe it is the best way for us to work towards having a clean and healthy environment to live in.

Now that we have e-waste added to plastic waste and all the other things we had before to pollute our environment. It is very important for us to encourage our children to learn about turning cash to trash. They will grow up to become responsible citizens who will think about their own future and the future of others.

Our planet need individuals who are able to show how much they care. selfishness and greed is destroying too many lives at this time. Turning trash to cash will create more jobs, reduce the amount of money we spend on products and help us to live in clean environments.

What Happens To Waste

The project on this site for the children and the environment is designed to empower children as they will learn about the many things they can do to keep the environment clean. We teach them to keep our homes clean and we need to take one more step. They need to know what happens to their waste when they discard it in the wrong way and how they can benefit from taking care of the environment. Now that we know that reusing, reducing and recycling plastic and other waste material can help us to keep our environment clean and healthy. We should do more to inform our children, so they can start making good choices when they are discarding waste. It is evident that there is a link between a clean environment and health, and helping children to understand this can help them in a great way.

Children who Know all about Environmental Protection

There are children who know all about Environmental protection awareness and they are forming clubs and doing all they can to make the planet beautiful, they pay close attention to what happens to their waste by giving their toys to other children who will continue playing with them, using less plastic bottles, plates, spoons, forks, knives and cups. I’m sure you will agree that protecting our environment is important when you see what is happening in some developed countries where the air quality is so poor, they are wearing masks over their noses every day and they are encouraged to stay home sometimes.

Our drinking water, soil and our air are all getting more toxic every day because of plastic waste and e-waste as they release mercury and a lot of other harmful chemicals in our soil. There are places where acid rain has become a serious problem as well.

Supporting the Project for the Children and the Environment

Now that you know how important it is for us to protect our environment and create a bright future for our children. Can we work together? Whenever you order anything on this site, you are contributing to the great ebooks about things they can do to protect the environment and health for the children. You are saying you want them to be empowered and determined to have clean water, air, and good health. When you simply order fiverr gigs for lyrics, advertising, motivation and more, or ebooks about love, motivation and Jamaica a beautiful island in the Caribbean.

Whenever you think of taking vacations on beautiful islands, you’ll say it is important to tell children about protecting the environment as they will want to enjoy these vacations when they grow up as well. Make it possible for them to do that by supporting this project for the children and the environment.

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The Best Way To Tell Children About Recycling

Since we know that the average person throws away 4 lbs. of trash every day, and 75% of it can be recycled. It is time for us to inform children and prepare them to do their part in protecting the environment. When we tell them about the effect of burning plastic and other waste on our health. Now that we know how the sound of the waves helps us to relax when we are at the beach, and what it does for our mental health. We will want to do more to help them to understand how important it is for them to assist with recycling.

Benefits of Telling Kids About Recycling
When children are told about the importance of recycling, they are willing to assist with the separation of waste in the home and they will encourage their friends to assist their parents as well.
You will notice that they won’t litter the streets as much, they won’t be throwing plastic bottles through car windows and when they are walking on the streets they will search for bins when they are discarding trash.
The children who are aware of the benefits of recycling will want to do all they can to protect the environment, as they do the things they normally do every day. They will also be willing to spread the word, telling their friends at school about recycling and putting plastic waste in the correct bins will be something they will always do.
This will reduce the problems we have with keeping our streets, our rivers, and our beaches clean. As children who are busy protecting the environment will grow up to be adults who want the environment to be healthy.
Developing good habits early in life is always a good thing for children to do, as when good habits become a part of life. It is much easier for us to keep on living in the best way.
You’ll see that children won’t like the idea of having the waste piled up in many places in their communities and they will want to do all they can to help with recycling more often. When they know about all the things we can use recycled plastic to do, they will understand why recycling is so important.


Added Benefits of Recycling
We use less oil to make plastic when we recycle. We reduce the need for new plastic bottles to be made to store our drinking water when we recycle. Plastic waste can be used to make fuel oil. Burnt plastic waste causes respiratory problems, recycling will reduce the need for burning plastic. Products that are made from recycled plastic will cost less. Changing the way we treat plastic waste is very important, as we seek to have a bright future.
You should tell children about recycling and protecting the environment.
Telling them that you don’t want creatures to go extinct because of the plastic waste problem we have on the planet is good. Most children like animals and they will want to do what it takes to protect them. Finding many ways to help our children to be aware of how important it is to protect the environment is a great thing to do.

A Great Story About Recycling For Children
Having a great little story for children about recycling will also make it easy for them to learn about how plastic affects the environment and the marine animals. Parents and Grandparents can easily get this important information across to kids as they put them to bed at nights.
The ebook “Saving Taffy Turtle” is just right for conveying this message, it is also a book that is needed for the environmental clubs in schools. Teachers who want the kids in their classes to learn more about protecting the environment will like having this book.
Added to that you will be contributing to the publishing cost of other ebooks about tree planting, reducing plastic use and reusing plastic.


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Environmental Protection Awareness

A project for Environmental protection awareness is here for the children. We don’t want them to grow up and say we didn’t give them the information they needed. So all they can do is blame us for the terrible state of the environment. Special books about the simple things they can do to keep the environment clean, are being published here and you can simply order e books for yourself and the children you know, or fiverr gigs for great service online.


Making excuses won’t be good enough, when more beaches are ruined and we have no where to have fun. The sea creatures deserve a healthy home, there is too much plastic in the sea. Can we work towards eliminating beach clean up days? By having more persons who are aware of how important it is for us to protect the environment?

This Project is geared towards reducing the need for beach clean up days and having more beautiful beaches for us all to enjoy. And it has been getting support from a number of persons. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain when you order fiverr gigs and e books online, as you look forward to having a clean environment.

Ricardo’s Tree 

The next book to be published will be about tree planting. We have had too much deforestation and not enough tree planting. Children will be motivated and inspired, when they read about a little boy who is fascinated by a seed. His father told him that it was possible for the seed to become a tree and he just couldn’t wait to see his own tree. The cover is here and I know you will want to assist with this new book about protecting the environment; as we work towards having a bright future along with the children.



Let’s not sit and wait for more soil to be washed into the sea, when it rains. This damages the Coral reefs and the fish will have no place to lay their eggs. How will we continue enjoying those tasty meals, when we have no fish to eat?

Tree planting can be a fun filled exercise when children are involved. You’ll be doing more for your health, as fruits are always a part of a healthy diet. You’ll see the difference it makes. When you give it a try.

Getting children involved in environmental protection exercises can be very rewarding. With this project you will be rewarded in many ways, I am sure you’ll agree


We get a lot of benefits from planting trees. Doing more of this is something you will enjoy a lot more when the children are learning how to make their future bright.

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More about Environmental Protection Awareness and the Great Deal

Publishing more books for the children to read about environmental protection awareness as you get great service with fiverr gigs  and e books about love, motivation and more, is what this project is all about.

The Offers

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Books For Environmental Protection Awareness

Show love for the environment and our children in an easy way. There are some books here for children as well. The first book in the series ” Saving Taffy Turtle” that tells them how plastic affects us when it is burned. Will help them to understand why recycling is so important. I believe they will want to do what they can, to take care of the environment when they have all the facts. Reading about the cute baby girl Turtle is an added treat, they will love.


Environmental Protection Awareness

Environmental protection awareness is too important for us to ignore. Telling our children more about it can help us to make a move in the right direction. I believe they will start doing what needs to be done to make the environment clean; and they will encourage us to do the right thing as well.

I am sure you will be happy about this great deal when you support the children and the environment in this very special way. As you can see parents and other adults have started supporting the project. So the books have started coming out and you can look forward to reading the rest of them as time goes by.


Having more plastic waste to recycle will be good for our planet

Let us change the way we treat plastic and forget about regret

When children are equipped with the knowledge, they will make better decisions

Having a clean environment will become something that will happen without much effort after a while.


Let’s look at all we can do with recycled plastic from time to time, so we can be motivated to take our plastic waste to the recycling depot.



Every day there are new ideas about the things we can do with plastic waste, and since there will be a shift in the type of jobs we can get, it is time for us to pay more attention to the way we think about what is being done with plastic waste.


Take a look at the things you can do when you are contributing to the great project for the children and the environment.
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