Is Cooling the Sun a good idea?

Spreading the word about the need for environmental care is great thing to do
We need do things in a new way if we really plan to make it through

We can benefit From Upcycling in so many Ways as we Protect the Environment

We can save cash and the planet too
When we upcycle old things so they can look new

The Environment and Children’s Future

We can’t say we want our future to be bright If we won’t even tell the children how to treat the environment right It is time for us to think about the waste we generate And find new ways in which we can create The new things we need when we decide to recycle andContinue reading “The Environment and Children’s Future”

Reusing Plastic in your Gardens

Reusing plastic can help you to save in many ways You will be creative and productive every day The children will learn a lot from you When you are planting gardens, they’ll be planting too You’ll see there is a lot you can learn And you’ll never know when you’ll find new ways to earnContinue reading “Reusing Plastic in your Gardens”

We Can Protect the Environment more when we are Aware of Problems

We can plant more trees Creating more homes for the birds and the Bees We can use less plastic And plan for a future that is fantastic We can protect the water we drink End all pollution by changing the way we think We can eat food that is less toxic When we stop pollutingContinue reading “We Can Protect the Environment more when we are Aware of Problems”

500 Followers – Thank You

A Big thank you to all my followers I appreciate your encouragement As I continue on my journey Building awareness about an important topic Thanks for taking time out of your day to look at the climate change issues like the drought So we can make a plan that will help more persons to workContinue reading “500 Followers – Thank You”

Climate Change and Drought in India

Allegations about people making money from the drought Selling water and not helping others to work things out Makes the problem harder to manage Some people will never be satisfied with their wage Climate change is closing down farms these days People are trying to live in better ways After a while there might beContinue reading “Climate Change and Drought in India”

Pay Attention to New Inventions

Pay Attention To the New Inventions Now that new eco friendly products are being made Protecting the environment shouldn’t be delayed You won’t want to keep on using plastic When there are other products that are simply fantastic And you’ll want to make haste To use products that are made from plastic waste Recycling isContinue reading “Pay Attention to New Inventions”

Recycling and the Zero Waste Plan

Recycling keeps on creating more jobs each day So many persons are trying to treat the environment in a better way With just a little more creativity so much is changing everyday Soon more persons will be treating the environment in a better way The zero waste plan is very important and even the childrenContinue reading “Recycling and the Zero Waste Plan”

More Hurricanes and Heat Waves

Global warming has been causing the weather patterns to change The environmentalists are not saying anything strange The damage that is done by hurricanes gets worse as time goes by Climate Change is causing repair costs after hurricanes to be so high It would be good if we could do more to plant more treesContinue reading “More Hurricanes and Heat Waves”

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