The Kids E-Books for the Eco Friendly Project

Children will want to protect Taffy Turtle, she is the cute pink baby Turtle that was left behind by her mother Myrtle

They will get to understand how plastic hurts the Marine creatures

While they enjoy reading and having a great adventure

They will start preparing for a bright future


Reusing plastic will be seen as a great thing to do at last, by the children who read this book

They will always want to have it nearby so they can take a second and a third look

Protecting the environment will be such an easy thing for them to do

Soon they will be making a lot of new plans, not just one or two


Reducing plastic waste will become a great plan for the children who read this book

When they are ready to use their reusable bags, cups and utensils they will take another look

At the cute baby Turtle that they are protecting every day

They will always say no to single -use-plastic and treat the environment in a much better way


Tree planting will become a great activity that the children will enjoy

They will be thinking of the fruits they will be sharing with other girls and boys

When they read about Ricardo and his tree, they will be motivated

They will want to see a seed grow into a tall tree and they will be feeling so elated


Now you know it is easy to spread the word about the need for environmental care

By simply giving eBooks to every little boy and girl out there

You will be helping them to have a future that is bright?

Now that they can easily learn how to treat the environment right


When children know why deforestation and the pollution problems will become a huge catastrophe after a while

They will want to protect the planet by planting trees. so they can always smile

So give them a reason to want to plant a tree in an easy way

This book will tell them how to plant a seed, and watch it grow, give them a copy today

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Developing Sustainably and Reducing Poverty

Reducing poverty is important

and sustainable economic growth is what we want

How we create and use energy is very important for sustainable development

We need to be fair to the people on the planet and all creatures as we protect the environment

Think about how we can make the world a better place and leave a beautiful earth for the next generation

As we do what is fair for everyone, we must do all we can to protect and care for all nations

No one should be happy when their economy is booming while others fail as people get poor

When we can think about environmental protection and do things in a better way so our future can be secure

What you do counts, eventually you will see the difference

You can plant a tree and do other things to save the planet as you save dollars and cents

Why would you want to continue destroying nature each day

When we can have sustainable development as we treat the environment in a better way

Let us work towards having a better life on the planet now

Lets spread the word about the need for environmental protection while we show the children how

They will be happy when they are trying to make their own future bright

And we will be doing all we can to reduce global warming as we treat the environment right

Now it is easy for you to tell them all the need to know

There are eBooks here for them so they can read and learn how to protect the environment as they grow


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The Wind Farm and its Benefits

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In Jamaica there is a wind farm that is supplying the grid

And its shares are being sold so the people can bid

When it continues to grow we will see smaller bills

More persons will work there and improve their skills

Reducing the energy bill is a great thing to do

Economic growth is a great thing to look forward to

Reduced cost of electricity will have a great impact on the poor

They will be able to use the money they save to do a lot more

Supporting Wind Farms is a great thing to do

I hope you are doing the same thing in your country too

I like to see renewable energy projects they are what we need

They are designed to help many persons to succeed


Did you see the project for the children and the environment?


A New Look at Environmental Protection

Burning plastic releases dangerous toxins in the air

Saving our environment is important , it is time for us to care

Now there is a good way for you to help the children to treat the environment right

It’s our future , it is important for us to do things to make it bright

You can contribute to an awesome project for the kids right here:


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“Saving Taffy Turtle” is the first one in this series, children will love it



Don’t Allow The Children To Say

Don’t allow the children to say
We didn’t tell them how to treat the environment in a better way
Now that you can just order gigs and some e books here
And show them how much you care
They will understand everything about the importance of recycling
And they will be prepared for a future that is bright , when they learn about tree planting
Let’s tell them about reducing and re-using plastic
So they will understand that environmental protection has nothing to do with a trick
So they can put their lives on the right track
So let’s start today
Help them to live in a better way

Living in an Eco Village and Living Sustainably

People who want to be closer to nature, growing their own food and living sustainably

Reduce their impact on the planet and live with others who like living comfortably

Life for the people who are living in eco-villages seem to be so relaxing

They leave the hustle and bustle behind because it is so taxing

Photo by Thiu1ec1u Hou00e0ng Phu01b0u1edbc on Pexels.com

Building homes in these Eco Villages can cost less it seems

As people help each other a lot, they all make a plan to become a team

Living off the grid and eating organic food is not for everyone

But there are people who retire and think living like this is a good decision

Photo by Julius Silver on Pexels.com

Some of them are tired of the long drive to go home after work

And maybe they had a boss who would always act like a jerk

They are so happy to forget about having landlords and bills

When they can easily enjoy nature each day they experience the thrills

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

With solar power and energy from the wind life at the Eco Village is great

When neighbours live peacefully together, when there is work to do they participate

Planting crops, reaping and planning their entertainment

It is good that more people have started to protect the environment

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Eco-Kids Want to Protect the Environment and Now it is Easy for Adults to Tell Them How

Since the eco-friendly children’s eBooks are being loaned on Amazon, every child can learn more tips and develop good eco habits so they can help to implement the zero waste plan

We will see more climate action when even the children start believing that they can

We shouldn’t be watching the climate crisis get worse each year

When we can change the way we talk about environmental care

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

Now that the climate solutions are simplified so that children can understand them

More people can work towards solving the very huge problem

We can plan for a green future and reduce our bills each day

When we start using eco-friendly tips in many different ways

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

It is now easier for parents to pass on information to children with eBooks they can borrow

Let us all get ready to go green and welcome a bright tomorrow

The zero waste plan can help us to reduce our Carbon emissions

It is important for everyone to decide to be a part of this mission

When children read these books they will learn how to reduce plastic use and more

They will start learning how they can change what they are doing now and have a future that is secure

They will learn about tree planting, reusing plastic, reducing plastic use and recycling too

They will be actively doing the things they hadn’t done before and start learning habits that are new

Children can learn important facts about the Turtles so they will be eager to take action

They will start understanding why environmental care will give them a sense of satisfaction

We should not allow them to grow up with a problem that they can learn to do something about

When we can easily give them access to these eBooks and remove their doubt

Photo by Andy Kuzma on Pexels.com

Is it Possible for Countries to Building Back Strong After the Pandemic?

Politicians are talking about building back strong and helping the children to have a bright future these days

If it all involves trying to fix the damage that was done to ecosystems and empowering the population with information so the environment will be treated in a better way

That would be the best thing we have ever seen

We might even start keeping the environment clean

Some folks say we will never get back to normal, but I don’t know why

We simply need to separate truth from the lie

If a good plan is made by leaders and it won’t create more debt

We need to think about it and try to avoid overthinking, it can cause regret

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When building back includes reduced energy cost and encouraging more environmental protection awareness

In the future we will see a better life for many, as more people will have increased success

However, when money is spent to create unsustainable jobs and the debt can’t be repaid

Borrowing money to grow the economy will be like another mistake that was made

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

The whole world is struggling with the same issues now

It is important for us to recover from these terrible times, somehow

If we make plans that will only benefit a few who are seated at the top

Austerity will increase and this won’t cause crime and violence to stop

Photo by Akil Mazumder on Pexels.com

If the word is spread about the need for environmental care

More people might start creating jobs for themselves, and have more to share

Building each other up, might be something that they will want to do

After a while everyone on the planet might simply forget how it feels to be blue

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Nano Technology Improving Lives in Many Ways

Many harmful substances are found in water when pesticides and other contaminants gets in it and cause illnesses

Hilonga is so excited about his invention that delivers pure water and he is creating jobs and developing businesses

He also helped the people to stop cutting down trees to cook by providing Bio Gas for them

It is amazing how sustainable living and the solutions provided, can solve many problems

The Nano filter purification system is providing clean and safe water for all

Finding solutions and changing lives can be done when people decide to answer the call

This genius wanted to protect the environment and help his country in many ways

And now so many people benefit from what he is doing, they are seeing brighter days

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Life on the planet can be improved in many ways when people simply try to live in a sustainable way

I hope more people will want to improve the life of others each and every day

There will be a lot more great stories to tell when jobs are created for the poor

There are many opportunities out there and they should not be ignored

Photo by Public Domain Photography on Pexels.com

The earth is beautiful and we can all work together to keep it this way

It is so amazing how one individual can help so many people to have hope for a brighter day

The trees are preserved, less plastic is being used and clean water is keeping the people healthy

It is now possible that this man could eventually become very wealthy

Photo by Alexas Fotos on Pexels.com

We can encourage our children to do more for the environment

They are not too young to learn about the issues so they can make an early commitment

Sustainable living is important and they can start learning how they can help others

Life can be so amazing when people see each other as sisters and brothers


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Climate Change and the Melting Glaciers

The effects of climate change is not something we will see in the future, we are seeing it now

Climate solutions that we were told about should be used somehow

We should not be thinking that the environmentalists will do all the work one day

They are not the only ones who will not be living in a great way

When Glaciers melt, sea level rises and islands disappear

It is time for more of us to pay attention to environmental care

We can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and plastic use

We can make a difference when we recycle, reduce and reuse

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on Pexels.com

We can benefit a lot from protecting earth and working towards living in a sustainable way

We don’t need to keep on moving along the same destructive path every day

There is a lot we can do to fix the damage that is already done

If we use climate solutions every day, soon we will say the battle is won

Photo by Dana Tentis on Pexels.com

We can’t afford to say it is too late to change what we are doing now

And the children should be learning about climate solutions somehow

They are the future, and what kind of future will they have if we won’t change what we do

With increased natural disasters, how will they make it through

Photo by Kasuma on Pexels.com

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The Solution For Plastic Pollution Should be Advertised

We can build environmental protection awareness in a brand new way

And help children to start planning for a brighter day

The Manufacturers of plastic packaging can advertise the solutions for plastic pollution

They can help a lot more people on the planet to make better decisions

Since greenhouse gas in the atmosphere has become a huge problem

It is time to look at every plastic container we use and think of new ways to reuse, reduce or recycle them

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

Since the companies find so many ways to advertise these products each day

They can advertise the solutions to for plastic pollution in a great way

There would be less littering and better waste management

When people understand why they should protect the environment

These manufacturers should not continue to add to the plastic pollution problem each day

Without thinking about helping people to use solutions in many ways

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

A lot of people learned about environmental protection from their parents who thought it was a good thing to dump things in the sea

But now we know that we can benefit from our waste because there is waste to energy

With environmental protection we can all live in better ways now

We can reduce our energy cost and have a clean environment that is why we should tell the kids how

Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com

Preparing children to face a green future is important

And now children can read eco-friendly eBooks on Amazon

If a clean environment and a bright future is what we want

Click on the link below and borrow books it won’t cost you anything

You never know when you might be giving the children a reason to sing


Photo by Andy Kuzma on Pexels.com

Oil Spill in California- Bad for the Wildlife and the Environment

As minutes and days go by oil might seep into wetlands after the sea birds are covered with oil

The impacts of these oil spills have increased even though there are many worker who toil

It is heartbreaking to see the damage that is done after oil is released because the pipelines laid on the sea floor started leaking

You would believe these pipelines would be monitored and no anchor would damage them, but maybe after a while people stopped thinking

No one is able to tell when the water here will be clean again, the pollution was terrible

When beaches are destroyed, no one can go there and enjoy themselves, life for many is no longer incredible

The production of clean energy should be getting all our attention

We should be making more electric cars and looking forward to seeing other inventions

Photo by Mike on Pexels.com

More of us should be working towards the day when fossil fuels will stay in the ground

It will happen when many ways to invent new eco-friendly transportation is found

We can’t afford to damage our only planet like this anymore

Our children are complaining and trying to find ways to make their own future secure

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

There are ecosystems we need to protect

There are some bad ideas we need to reject

Do you think they will remove these pipelines and put an end to the problem?

Or it will be business as usual and nothing will be changing for them

Photo by Yulianto Poitier on Pexels.com

Now every adult can help children to go green

They can tell them about eco-friendly tips so they can start keeping the environment clean

There are eBooks here for the kids with the information they need

They will learn how to protect the environment when they read


Conservation Protects our Natural Resources

When natural resources are not conserved we might have scarcity after a while

But when we save energy and water we are getting ready to go an extra mile

We are getting ready to do more for ourselves in the future

When we have enough energy and water our lives will be better

We won’t be wondering how we will survive

And we will have enough food so we can thrive

Farmers will have enough water for crops to grow

Conservation causes us to look forward to a bright tomorrow

Photo by Jonas Ferlin on Pexels.com

So Whenever you are using earth’s resources think about conserving a bit

You will be reducing your bills as you start developing a great habit

We can’t plan for a bright future if we won’t conserve

It is good for us to have enough water and other resources in reserve

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

And when we tell the children about conservation

We can look forward to having a great celebration

As they will be doing all they can to have a future that is great

Let us begin conserving now, we shouldn’t wait until it is too late


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The Elimination of the Plastics Pollution Problem

I have been thinking about rejecting modern ideas in some cases for some time

There are too many of us who believe that living in the way people did in the past is a crime

The modern way of doing things can create many problems that just keep on getting worse each day

We will only eliminate these problems when we go back to living in the old way

It is good to see that there are other people on the planet who think about solutions

I want more people to agree that it is time for us to put an end to plastic pollution

Now that we know how Nano plastic gets into our water and our food

The sight of plastic should start causing us to be in a very bad mood

Plastic has been great because it is not easily broken and it has changed many lives over the years

When environmentalists say we should stop using it, some people might be tempted to say. Who cares?

However, we all will be left with a lot of distress when drains are blocked by it and the rain falls

Flooding and displacement can cause us to feel as if our backs are against the wall

It is time for us to look at our options and think about what is best

Plastic is helping us to have an easier life, but it has failed a number of tests

If we won’t change what we are doing to increase the plastic pollution problem each day

In the future when our problems are much worse, what will we say?

Photo by Leonid Danilov on Pexels.com

It feels good to use plastic and discard it and then forget

It won’t rot easily and that causes us to eventually have regret

When the landfills burn and release toxic fumes in the air

People get sick and wish all of us could pay attention to environmental care

It is time for is to tell the children about the problems we have because of plastic

Tell them how changes can be made, even if they will be drastic

We can’t afford to give them the problem we have created over many years

Without telling them how good it is to pay attention to environmental care

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

How we Benefit when we say Yes To A Green Future?

We are saying yes to a green future when we begin telling our children about climate solutions

They will be prepared to do more reducing, reusing, recycling, renovating and make great contributions

Children can become the change we want to see when we give them the correct information

If parents become more aware of the need for environmental education

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The linear economic model has caused us to destroy our environment

We should change what we are doing, we all should make a commitment

We can do more to help children to get ready to face a green future one day

As it is good for everyone to try sending the environmental crisis away

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We should spread the word about the changes we need to make

And we should never allow the children to make the same old mistakes

We can tell children more about environmental care in a very easy way

All adults can start borrowing eco-kids eBooks on Amazon today

Climate action is needed and we all can do our part

We know it is good to tell the children how to make a start

A change in the way we conserve will help to make our future bright

We can be the change we want to see when we treat the environment just right

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

We should spread the word about the need for environmental care

We can see less littering and more zero waste plans being implemented everywhere

We should stop destroying the planet we will pass on to the children one day

When we spread the word there will be more people who are doing things in the right way

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com
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