How Children Can Get Prepared For the Green Future

Now that children have access to eco-friendly eBooks that they can borrow and read online They can look forward to having a life that is just fine The climate solutions were simplified in a great way When they think about pollution, they’ll know what to do and say Learning about recycling, reusing and reducing plasticContinue reading “How Children Can Get Prepared For the Green Future”

Should Manufacturers Help with Recycling Or Consumers and Government Must Allow Things to Continue in the Same Old Way?

If Manufacturers could take on more of the responsibility to recycle more plastic we could have a clean environment

Recycling Providing An Income in Tough Times

Recycling reduces poverty in some places

The Elimination of the Plastics Pollution Problem

The plastic pollution problem gets worse each day
But we can find a solution so we can do things in a better way

Recycling more Will help to Make our Future Secure

We can send less waste to landfills
And this might even help to reduce our bills

If Global Warming Continues The Earth Will Be Too Hot to Sustain Life

Sustainable development is not out of our reach

The Plastic Pollution Problem is Huge

We could fix the plastic pollution problem if we tried some more
We could create more jobs for people and make the future secure

Adding to the Pollution and Disregarding Solutions

Now that we know that there are many solution for the problem of plastic pollution we should change
So we can find better ways to manage

How Recycling of Plastic Waste Reduces Homelessness

Recycling plastic and Job Creation can fit together

If You Don’t Plan to Recycle More How will you have a Future that is Secure?

More recycling is the solution for plastic pollution
Let us change the bad situation

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