The Plastic Epidemic and the Solution

When we all decide to reuse, reduce and recycle each day
The plastic pollution problem will go away

What will Happen if we Allow the children to Treat the Environment in the Same Old Way?

Ecokids have a good plan for the future let us help them today by giving the the right information before it is too late

Pollution Can Destroy Beautiful Places

When more people go green and tell the children about it, pollution wil be reduced

We will Benefit a lot From Building Environmental Protection Awareness in a New and Better Way

When kids learn how to end the crisis their future will be bright

Is it Impossible for Us to make the Needed Changes to Reduce Global Warming?

All the new devices we have seen recently need electricity for their operation The laptops, cell phones and all the other new devices need energy, but the use of fossil fuel is putting the world in a bad situation So even though some individuals believe there are only a few ways for economies to growContinue reading “Is it Impossible for Us to make the Needed Changes to Reduce Global Warming?”

So Many Business Ideas out there for people Who are Aware of the Need for Environmental Care

A new ecofriendly business idea that changed the way families treat Christmas trees

Promoting recycling and reusing plastic as a way to Protect the Environment

We didn’t have so much waste to deal with before
And now we need to talk about waste management more

How Children Fall in Love with Nature

Parents can help children to fall in love with nature in a simple way

The Solution For the Eco-Crisis is a Revolution that Should Happen inside us

We can see environmental protection awareness as a step in the right direction

Should Manufacturers Help with Recycling Or Consumers and Government Must Allow Things to Continue in the Same Old Way?

If Manufacturers could take on more of the responsibility to recycle more plastic we could have a clean environment

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