Recycling Providing An Income in Tough Times

Recycling reduces poverty in some places

More Home Appliances Could get a Longer Life

Computers, fans, microwaves and irons could get a longer life if we could get them fixed I wonder if the manufacturers could start doing more restoration and selling second hand appliances and when we go to shop we could choose between a new one and restored mix If more persons individuals were trained to doContinue reading “More Home Appliances Could get a Longer Life”

Go Green and Find Success in Business and More

We get a chance to start new businesses and work towards having a future that is bright When we tell even the children how to treat the environment right We shouldn’t allow great opportunities to pass us by and be careless When we can find new ways invest our time and money in order toContinue reading “Go Green and Find Success in Business and More”

Teens are more Creative when they are interested in Protecting the Environment

When teenagers use their creativity and talents to earn they can become employers too
So don’t allow them to sit at home and start feeling blue

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