The Plastic Epidemic and the Solution

When we all decide to reuse, reduce and recycle each day
The plastic pollution problem will go away

Promoting recycling and reusing plastic as a way to Protect the Environment

We didn’t have so much waste to deal with before
And now we need to talk about waste management more

Electric Vehicles Causing Deforestation?

Electric cars and child labor

Polywood Lumber a Great invention

Using Polywood to make more chairs and tables instead of using wood Is a great way to reduce deforestation, what this company does is so good A lot more jobs could be created when more recycling is done If Polywood was being used more often, the battle against Plastic pollution would be won Isn’t theContinue reading “Polywood Lumber a Great invention”

The Polluted Environment – And the Damage Done to our Food

A polluted environment produces polluted food

Oil Spill in California- Bad for the Wildlife and the Environment

Can more be done to prevent oil spills?

Consumers Have the Power to fix the Pollution Problems we See

I more of us could stop buying things we don’t need, the pollution problem would eventually disappear

Using Shampoo Bars- A Great Way to Reduce Plastic use

Use shampoo bars as you Plan to use less plastic

Poor Management of the Eco-System Leads to So Much Distress

When environmental protection awareness is built in a great way
More people get to see a brighter day

In Order For us to have a Green Clean Future we need to Change the Way we Educate

When help the children to be more aware of the need for environmental care
We will see more clean water and clean air

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