Since we Say The Children are our Future We Should be telling them How to Treat the Environment in a Sustainable Way

The children are the future and they need to know how to make their future bright
Let us tell them how to treat the environment right

How Contributions to the Project for the Children and the Environment has helped

Children can now read nicely written eBooks that are sold on and learn about recycling, tree planting, reusing and reducing in a simple way Adults who contribute to the project for them are getting great service online and eBooks for themselves as well They are working towards having a bright future in many differentContinue reading “How Contributions to the Project for the Children and the Environment has helped”

An Alternative For Plastic

Can I say we don’t want to use the containers we used before plastic was invented? Don’t you think we should launch more environmental protection campaigns? Since respiratory problems are on the increase, let’s do more to reduce illness and pain Our children are depending on us in every way We should want them toContinue reading “An Alternative For Plastic”

Avoiding Strife And having the Improved Life

Life gets a lot better when we avoid strife That marriage will improve, so nice to see a Happy husband and wife Anger is put aside as persons think before they react They wait until they have positive thoughts before they interact Great relationships make all the difference It is time for us to forgetContinue reading “Avoiding Strife And having the Improved Life”

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