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Children Planting Seeds and Learning about Environmental Protection

I believe the best thing a parent can do for a child is show him or her how to plant seeds and watch plants grow. Parents who do that are teaching their children how to survive even when they are going through tough times financially and how to be patient.
It is good for us to prepare our children to face the many challenges that life will throw at them from time to time.Children will be learning how to take care of one of their most basic needs.

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Having food to eat is very important and we should all be teaching our children survival skills. One of the greatest survival skill we can teach our children is how to take care of a garden. We are not preparing them to be farmer even though nothing is wrong with that. We are simply facing reality and helping them to do the same.

I spoke to a young man recently who is doing well in his career and he spoke about his garden that he took care of after he left high school and waited to be employed. His father had given him a small plot of land and some seeds as soon as he became a teenager and he was kept busy even after his graduation.It is clear that there are some children who feel as if they have accomplished a lot after they have planted a seed and they eventually have something they can eat after they have watered their plant and watched it grow.

Organic Food

Now that there is so much pesticide on the fruits and vegetables that are found in Supermarkets and markets, children who know how to plant their own food will be keeping themselves healthy when they grow up, when they know how to plant their own fruits and vegetables.

If you are having problems when you are trying to persuade your children that gardening is something they will enjoy. You can give them a copy of this book below. It is all about the great experiences they can have when they plant a seed and watch it grow.

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Children Learning about Environmental Protection
Children like doing what they see adults doing, so you can start gardening first and they will eventually get interested in what you are doing and find ways to get involved.

You can tell the children about nutrition and health when you are teaching them about gardening and they will learn about nature and how food is produced in this fast pace world that they are living in, that is important.
When they know how important it is to have growing trees around, they will want to replant trees if they should ever cut them down. This is how we will finally have a generation of humans who will treat the environment well.

Composting and other facts our children should know

You will be using all your kitchen scraps to grow healthy plants as you teach your children how they can do more for the soil and their own health. You will find that your children will be more aware of all the issues we the parents and the environmentalists are thinking about at this time, since the soil is more toxic and we know that pesticides are bad for us, the sea level is rising, there is deforestation and there is Global warming.

Children will also want about the many animals and insects that are going extinct, they are the ones who will be making decisions about the protection of the planet in the future. Children will want to protect the animals when they know what is causing them to disappear from the planet.

When we do gardening we learn how to relax and enjoy nature. Children will thank the adults who teach them how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. The children who are involved in environmental clubs at their schools will enjoy having books to read about Tree planting, reducing, reusing and recycling plastic and how all living creatures can benefit from these activities.

Get great #eBooks and more when you support a project for the children and the environment

Welcome to my site

Children will learn to be solution finders when they are more aware of the problems that are being faced by everyone on the planet because of the plastic pollution and the other issues that we have at this time, such as Global Warming, deforestation and all the others.
Drastic change is needed now and our children should be told about it so they can be prepared to do all the things to make their lives great.

Children will enjoy protecting the environment when they learn how to make toys and gifts with used plastic, they will also be learning about the effect plastic is having on the environment. It will be much easier to get these children to carry reusable items with them when they are leaving their homes, and reduce plastic waste as they will be equipped with the information they need to have about protecting the environment.

For many years no one seemed to care about the way we treated the environment and we now have many problems, so let us start spreading the word about environmental protection awareness in a new way so that the change that we want to see will become a reality one day.

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Spreading The Word About Environmental Protection Awareness

For many years we didn’t think it was not good to discard waste in the ocean and now that we are at the stage where plastic is getting to be more available than fish in the waters, and fish the fish we eat for dinner can be the same fish that has eaten small pieces of plastic and humans have done tests and found out that a lot of toxins can be found in their bloodstream.

There is a need for those of us who are informed to spread the word about environmental protection awareness. To stop allowing our waste to destroy our planet and spread the word about how important it is for us to protect our environment. We need to think about the future and the children who will not have fish to eat if we continue doing the things we did before. A new and creative way was needed to help everyone to understand why it is important for them to think about their waste in a new way. The environmental project on this site is designed with this in mind.

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Deforestation, overpopulation, plastic pollution, air pollution and many more issues, are in need of more of our attention. We can put an end to the bad practices we have developed over the years by spreading the word about how important it is for us to protect the environment. Telling the children why it is good to protect the environment is a great way to change the way we spread the important message as we change the things we have been doing to pollute the environment. Children will want to inherit a planet that is beautiful and they will want to do their part in creating a bright future for themselves.  Children who are aware of the effect of waste on the environment will grow up to be adults who will do all they can to do things in a different way as they protect the environment and reap the great rewards.

Climate change is changing our world so quickly and its devastating effect is causing more poverty. Doing things in new ways has become necessary, as we can’t afford to create more problems for ourselves. We can’t afford to wait for the next generation to do something about the problems we have right now. We need to equip them with the right information about protecting the environment today. So that there can be a change in the way we care for our planet. Let us show children that we care about their future. Educating them about the small things they can do each day for the environment, is the best way for us to pass on valuable information to them about the things that are very important for them to know about.

We should try to reduce the impact of climate change as much as we can. However, giving important information to our children is a great thing to do as well. Fun Writings and Things has ebooks about recycling, tree planting, reusing and reducing the use of plastic. More of these e-books will be easily found on, making it easy for you to start giving the children the information they need so they can start getting acquainted with the things they can do, to create a healthy environment. The first book in the series for the protection of the environment is found here.


How you contribute to the Environmental Project

Currently whenever you order the ebooks or  Fiverr gigs on this site, for articles for your websites
and blogs, great ads for your businesses, personalized poems for your loved ones and friends, lyrics
for your songs and jingles, online advertising, relationship advice and more, right here on this site.
You are helping to save the environment. As you will be contributing to the publishing cost of the other e-books about environmental protection awareness for the children.  Whenever you place orders for any of the e-books that are already published. You can look forward to the publishing of the other ebooks about tree planting and other topics pertaining to protecting the environment. They are being published over time.

Ebooks about Protecting the Environment

Saving Taffy Turtle is the first published ebook in this series, it is about recycling; you’ll be seeing
books about re-using and reducing plastic use and there is one about tree planting as well. The
environmental clubs in schools are in need of these books. So don’t keep them waiting. Let’s do all we can to publish more children’s books about protecting the environment today. A healthy environment is a great legacy that we all should want to leave for our children.
2 copy (1)

“Ricardo’s Tree,” tells a great story about a boy who is excited about planting a seed and watching it grow. Children will understand why tree planting is important and all the benefits they can derive from planting trees.


“Fun in Jamaica- Ocho Rios” “‘(available on Amazon .com is an ebook that tells the story of a family having fun on a beautiful
beach in Jamaica. Children will see all the benefits they will have when they do all they can to protect
the environment. They will want to get involved with tree planting, recycling, and all the other
necessary activities, that will lead to the creation of a bright future and a clean environment. Fixingenvironmental problems in a new and creative way has never been done like this before, so easy and affordable. Our children should have the right to relax on clean beaches and they should have clean air to breath. So let us do our part now that it is so easy for us to give great information to the kids.



“Reuse For Taffy Turtle” tell a story about children who are finding creative ways to reuse plastic as they protect the environment and reduce the amount of money their parents would normally spend to buy toys and other things for them. Your contributions will assist with the publishing cost of this ebook.

Children who get the Right Information will Develop Good Habits

Doing the right thing for the environment is not something we can afford to put off any longer. Let’s give our children the information they need about this topic so they can make the right decisions when they go shopping and discard their waste. The number of hurricanes we see every year is increasing, our oceans and seas are almost ruined by waste. and there are other problems we are facing because of climate change.

kids sitting on green grass field
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There are children who are aware of the problems we are having and they want to do all they can to clean up the environment and start doing what is right for the environment. So it is time for adults to support them and give them all they need to assist them as they prepare to face life on the planet.

It is just not fair for us to create these problems and leave the burden on the children to face on their own. We should be thinking about all the hardships they will face when the environment is ruined.

A change will happen Faster When Children Know

Change is needed and the best way for us to change the way we spread the information about the importance of protecting the environment is by changing the way we tell our children about what they can do to make a difference.

Persons have contributed to the project in various ways over the years, they have ordered Fiverr gigs and bought ebooks. Children have started reading about the great things they can do to improve the health of the environment. Let’s continue on the journey towards having a clean environment as we now know that our health is being affected when we discard waste in the wrong way.

When we spend our money on the things that will eventually destroy our environment we are saying we don’t care about our future and we don’t mind inhaling polluted air. Persons who care about their health have started working towards having zero waste on earth, this is a great thing to think about.

Zero waste

Zero Waste means we will buy fewer things when we go shopping, as we will only be buying the things we need, we will not be using disposable plastic, we will be recycling and reusing all the plastic waste we can find, we will not be purchasing our produce, our rice, flour etc. in single-use plastic bags, we will be taking our own containers to the supermarkets when we are buying these things.

Persons who have started working towards having zero waste are becoming more creative every day as are saving money and creating new income streams from waste.



Thinking of waste in new and creative ways can save our planet as we find new ways to earn  Let us remove the limitations we have put on ourselves and start thinking in new ways as we prepare ourselves and our children to face a bright future. There is no need for us to continue destroying our beautiful planet.

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Why it is Important for Kids to Know About Tree Planting

The children’s imagination comes alive when they see small things grow, they are also motivated and inspired when they see how much they can do with some water and a seed. It is not too early for a 3-year-old child to start learning about planting seeds and watching them grow. They will be learning about the source of their food and what they can do to feed themselves and others in the future.


There is a new ebook coming to this website soon, the contributors who have supported this project for the children and the environment over the years have made it possible, as we all believe that talking about the planting of trees and protecting the environment should be simple enough for children to understand.

Children are very curious and it is good for us to give them good information when they are willing to learn about the important issues that will help them to provide for themselves in many ways when they grow up. For too long we have allowed children to grow up without any knowledge of how their food is produced, they have not had much respect for the farmer as they don’t understand the hard work that goes into farming and how important that job is

Family Fun and Tree Planting

Planting trees and doing gardening should become a fun activity for our kids to get involved in when parents are there to guide them. We all need to eat and it is good for us to pay more attention to the way in which our food is produced. Now that we are finding out that packaged food might not be as good for our health as the fresh food we get from our own garden. We are able to use compost and eat healthy when we plant our own trees and vegetables. Fruit trees can produce enough fruits for us and others. They sometimes outlive the person who plants them and continues to feed the next generation. Planting fruit trees can be seen as a great investment in the present and the future.

Planting trees can be a great way to teach the children how to be patient, as it takes a while for small leaves to show after a seed is planted. Children who join environmental clubs at their schools will have books that will help them to learn about protecting the environment, they will learn quickly. They will also start learning how great it is to have a lot of fruits they can give to friends and loved ones when they learn to plant trees.

Food Security

Thinking about food security was never a problem before there was so much technology it seems. Children who spend all their time before the televisions, or computers, or playing video games will know nothing about planting trees if they don’t have the information on the internet. The e-book “Ricardo’s Tree” that will be published here soon. Will be putting an end to the problem we now have when children grow up to be adults who know nothing about how their food is produced. Even though farming is being done in a new way now, and there are new ways of planting seeds and reaping crops. There is still need for more food for poor people in some places. Learning to plant trees is still a good thing for children to learn.

The Importance of Tree Planting

In some countries, farmers are old and dying. If children are not prepared to learn about planting anything, no one knows what they will eat in the future. There has been a rumor of fake food being found on our supermarket shelves and in order to reduce the need for fake food, we need to encourage our children to start learning about planting seeds as soon as possible. As soon as they ask our permission and find a suitable spot they should be allowed to plant their tree. Can we say we are preparing our children to have a future that is bright if we are not telling them how to plant anything? Isn’t food one of the most important things they will need to have in order to survive?

2 copy (1)


Trees help to clean the air and prevent soil erosion as well. Children should be told about the importance of tree planting so they will not continue treating the environment in the same way it has been treated for many years. In some places, persons have cut down trees to do farming and they move away after a while; leaving the ground bare. This leads to soil erosion, eroded soil washes down onto the roadway and cause major damages sometimes and it washes into seas or oceans and damages Coral Reefs.

Replanting Trees Reduces Deforestation

Now there is hope for having a future with trees to help us to have clean air. For so many years persons have been cutting down trees and not replanting any as if they don’t understand that deforestation is not a good thing.

With this tree planting machine, there is hope that there will be an end to deforestation as it won’t be as hard for loggers to replant trees anymore.



Reforestation is now something that is much easier to do since they have developed these drones. There is hope for large areas that have been deforested over the years. It is good that there are persons who are interested in having clean air and less soil erosion. Tree planting is very important and we have not been paying enough attention to this practice in some places over the years.

Reducing Poverty and Hunger

Tree planting can help us to reduce poverty and hunger around the world. We can make more value-added products when we have more fruits and poor people will have more fruits to sell and eat. More jobs are created when value-added products are made with fruits or when fruits are packaged for sale. This can be used as a poverty reduction strategy and more new manufacturing companies can be started in places where poverty and crime have caused problems in poor countries.

wine in wine glass near green glass bottle
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Wine is one of the best value-added product that has been created and we have not done all we can do with wine production as yet I believe. Much more jobs can be created and we can see a reduction in crime if our children are taught more about tree planting and how important it is at an early age. They can start learning about the many products that are made with fruits, eg. mango chutney, guava jelly, Jams, apple juice, orange juice and other fruit juices have been put into containers and sold.

Supporting this project for the children and the environment is a great thing to do. You will be getting a lot in return when you order ebooks and fiverr gigs on the site. There has been a big change in the way persons are being employed as we have used more technology and there is less need for human employment. It is important for us to be creative and employ persons in a new way so they won’t be attracted by crime.

In countries where persons complain about a lack of opportunities, they will find that there is a lot they can do with seeds and food production. Reducing hunger and poverty around the world is very important. Supporting this project will cause you to be a winner in many ways. As the Fiverr gigs you order will help you in many ways and the ebooks you buy can be great for your collection. You can also purchase ebooks for all the children you know. You’ll be doing something great for environmental protection awareness.

I am using this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the persons who contributed to the publishing cost of the great ebooks that are here on the site. . I believe children will like them a lot and they will be motivated and willing to do more for the environment.

As learning about protecting the environment as we work towards reducing the amount of waste we generate daily is a very wonderful thing to do. Now that there are books about this important topic for the children to read, let us continue working together and making the world into a better place, where there is no more garbage patch in the ocean and the coral reef will be restored in many places when we change some of our habits as we start teaching our children about protecting the environment and we will be learning a little about the topic as well.





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The Project for the Children and the Environment

Why it is Important to give Children Information About Protecting The Environment

Helping our children to be aware of what they can do to reduce the amount of plastic that gets into the seas and the oceans, is more important now than it has ever been before; recent research is helping us to understand that there might be more plastic in our seas and oceans than fish after a while if nothing changes, and the only way for us to reverse this problem is to recycle more as we reduce the amount of waste that get’s into our seas and oceans.


Children who are informed about protecting the environment and how important it is, are empowered to protect themselves and the marine animals as well. They know the effect the burning of plastic will have on their health, they will also know about other environmental issue that are making the air, soil and water quality bad and they will encourage other children and adults to change the way they do things. They are always interested in creating a bright future for themselves and their friends; this will lead to the change that is needed in societies, as more persons will become more aware of what they can do to protect the environment.

There are countries where the Tourism product is being destroyed, as the people continually throw their waste in rivers as they don’t realize how the sea is affected when the waste ends up there. They don’t think about the fish they want to eat and how waste affects them. They need to be informed so they will be destroying their own lives, as they don’t have the right information. However, now that we know how recycled plastic can create new products and help us to reduce the cost of the things we buy as we create more jobs.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle are the three words that should be spoken about everywhere on the planet, so we won’t have new plastic islands being formed in our oceans, dying and deformed marine animals and fish, in the waters that surround our countries because of our inability to protect our environment.

About Trash To Cash

Helping everyone on the planet to understand that trash can be turned into cash is something we need to think about more often and empowering children is the best way to get the knowledge to spread quickly. Children love to talk and they can get their parents to change the wrong things they do very easily. Parents will quickly realize that they should be setting good examples for the children to follow, it should never be the other way around; this will cause them to change the way they do things in an effortless way. This has worked many times before and I believe it is the best way for us to work towards having a clean and healthy environment to live in.

Now that we have e-waste added to plastic waste and all the other things we had before to pollute our environment. It is very important for us to encourage our children to learn about turning cash to trash. They will grow up to become responsible citizens who will think about their own future and the future of others.

Our planet need individuals who are able to show how much they care. selfishness and greed is destroying too many lives at this time. Turning trash to cash will create more jobs, reduce the amount of money we spend on products and help us to live in clean environments.

What Happens To Waste

The project on this site for the children and the environment is designed to empower children as they will learn about the many things they can do to keep the environment clean. We teach them to keep our homes clean and we need to take one more step. They need to know what happens to their waste when they discard it in the wrong way and how they can benefit from taking care of the environment. Now that we know that reusing, reducing and recycling plastic and other waste material can help us to keep our environment clean and healthy. We should do more to inform our children, so they can start making good choices when they are discarding waste. It is evident that there is a link between a clean environment and health, and helping children to understand this can help them in a great way.

Children who Know all about Environmental Protection

There are children who know all about Environmental protection awareness and they are forming clubs and doing all they can to make the planet beautiful, they pay close attention to what happens to their waste by giving their toys to other children who will continue playing with them, using less plastic bottles, plates, spoons, forks, knives and cups. I’m sure you will agree that protecting our environment is important when you see what is happening in some developed countries where the air quality is so poor, they are wearing masks over their noses every day and they are encouraged to stay home sometimes.

Our drinking water, soil and our air are all getting more toxic every day because of plastic waste and e-waste as they release mercury and a lot of other harmful chemicals in our soil. There are places where acid rain has become a serious problem as well.

Supporting the Project for the Children and the Environment

Now that you know how important it is for us to protect our environment and create a bright future for our children. Can we work together? Whenever you order anything on this site, you are contributing to the great ebooks about things they can do to protect the environment and health for the children. You are saying you want them to be empowered and determined to have clean water, air, and good health. When you simply order fiverr gigs for lyrics, advertising, motivation and more, or ebooks about love, motivation and Jamaica a beautiful island in the Caribbean.

Whenever you think of taking vacations on beautiful islands, you’ll say it is important to tell children about protecting the environment as they will want to enjoy these vacations when they grow up as well. Make it possible for them to do that by supporting this project for the children and the environment.

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Why Kids should be told about Protecting the Environment

When we don’t tell the children why it is important for them to be educated about protecting the environment. They will grow up to be adults, who won’t know what to do to live a good quality life on the planet. So in order for them to have a clean environment, that will be able to keep them healthy, we must give them all the information they need. They will need to start making right decisions about the things they do every day. You won’t want them to be polluting and damaging the environment innocently.

A child who doesn’t know about the importance of protecting the environment; will litter streets, pay no attention to plants and animals, use excess water and waste it, they won’t think about separating plastic waste from other garbage and they won’t care about the sea creatures and how they are hurt, when plastic waste gets to the sea. They won’t think about the fact that a polluted sea will cause the fish they eat to be bad for their own health. This will cause them to create a more unhealthy environment to live in. We need to help them to see that, they can benefit a lot from protecting the environment.

The Benefits of a Healthy Environment

We need to tell the children that a protected environment is clean and healthy. We will have clean water to drink, clean air to breathe and our food will not be toxic and bad for our health.

With the increase in the amount of patients who need treatment for Cancer at hospitals over the years. Even children are being treated for cancer more often than before.Taking care of the environment and eating healthy organic food has become even more important to a lot of persons, who have started to realize that it costs less to eat healthy, so they can avoid being ill.

Burning Plastic and the harmful effects

Never allow children to live in the dark, about issues pertaining to environmental health; when you can start telling them how to protect the environment. They might even want to do their own research, so they can start protecting themselves from terrible diseases. When they know about the harmful toxins that will get into their bodies when plastic is burned.

Research has indicated that the burning of plastic has lead to more respiratory illnesses, such as Asthma and other similar ailments. They have also noticed an increase in heart diseases, damage to the nervous system, headaches, rashes and other illnesses. The burning of plastic is something that is being done by persons who live in rural areas all over the world. This makes it even more important for us to stop buying so many products that are packaged with plastic. This will cause manufacturers to stop using plastic for packaging in order to stay in business.


Build Environmental Protection Awareness

Kids will pay more attention to reducing, reusing, recycling plastic and protecting the environment. They are smart, and giving them the information they need is a great thing to do. You’ll be showing them how much you care about their future. You’ll be giving them the information they need, as you increase awareness about this very important issue. They will make better decisions about how they handle plastic waste. They will build a good life for themselves and their own families and friends eventually.

To increase awareness among children about matters pertaining to protecting the environment, you can simply order fiverr gigs and e books on this site. There are ebooks here that will help them to learn about these issues very quickly. You will be contributing to the publishing cost of more e books about keeping the environment clean and healthy.

Let’s make a start, let’s work towards giving the children a clean environment and a bright future, right now


Children grow up very quickly and they will become engineers, politicians and find themselves in many different industries and their actions will have an impact on the environment. It is clear that many of the adults who do things to destroy the environment now; are persons who don’t know how important it is for them to do their part in protecting the environment.
We need all of the people on the planet to know about environmental protection and the best way to dispose of waste; so we can look forward to having a bright future.
We don’t have a lot of options, global warming is a reality and change is needed. Our children are the ones who have the biggest problem; as they will be here to face the problems when the adults have passed on. It is only fair for us to do all we can to give them a chance to live a happy and healthy life.

Now that plastic waste and electronic waste has been added to the list of waste material that causes problems for our environment. Much more needs to be done to educate our children so they will know what to do in order to live in the best way they can.

Project For the Environment and the Children

This project that will provide more e-books for the children to read about protecting the environment. It has been getting support from the persons who think that telling the children how important protecting the environment is will help us all to have a bright future; is one you should support. You won’t be disappointed. The e-books that are being done for the children are nicely written with great illustrations so children will enjoy reading them. You will like them a lot. There are some of the e-books on the site already, your support will be greatly appreciated and you will benefit in many ways when you assist with the very important project.

A Great Deal

There are poetry books with nicely written poems and fiverr gigs you can order and get articles, lyrics, online advertising, jingles and more. Let us work together to educate our children about environmental protection in a new and better way. You will find that children who know about the importance of preventing pollution and other issues that they need to pay attention to, will act in a very responsible way.

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More about Environmental Protection Awareness and the Great Deal

Publishing more books for the children to read about environmental protection awareness as you get great service with fiverr gigs  and e books about love, motivation and more, is what this project is all about.

The Offers

You can order lyrics for all songs and jingles, songs and jingles, articles for your websites and blogs, the right words for your ads, social media advertising with great slogans, personalized poems or songs for special occasions, e books about love and happiness, tips to make your relationships better, motivation for every day and poems about the beautiful island of Jamaica and bright colored banners for your online advertising campaign.


Books For Environmental Protection Awareness

Show love for the environment and our children in an easy way. There are some books here for children as well. The first book in the series ” Saving Taffy Turtle” that tells them how plastic affects us when it is burned. Will help them to understand why recycling is so important. I believe they will want to do what they can, to take care of the environment when they have all the facts. Reading about the cute baby girl Turtle is an added treat, they will love.


Environmental Protection Awareness

Environmental protection awareness is too important for us to ignore. Telling our children more about it can help us to make a move in the right direction. I believe they will start doing what needs to be done to make the environment clean; and they will encourage us to do the right thing as well.

I am sure you will be happy about this great deal when you support the children and the environment in this very special way. As you can see parents and other adults have started supporting the project. So the books have started coming out and you can look forward to reading the rest of them as time goes by.


Having more plastic waste to recycle will be good for our planet

Let us change the way we treat plastic and forget about regret

When children are equipped with the knowledge, they will make better decisions

Having a clean environment will become something that will happen without much effort after a while.


Let’s look at all we can do with recycled plastic from time to time, so we can be motivated to take our plastic waste to the recycling depot.



Every day there are new ideas about the things we can do with plastic waste, and since there will be a shift in the type of jobs we can get, it is time for us to pay more attention to the way we think about what is being done with plastic waste.


Take a look at the things you can do when you are contributing to the great project for the children and the environment.
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