More persons have started participating in the activities when there is a beach clean up day I noticed that when I went with the organizers recently, people are trying to treat the environment in a better way They got their gloves and garbage bags and filled them with waste material of all kind But I […]

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More Persons At The Beach On The Clean Up Day — denise421win

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The Plastic Pollution Problem

The plastic pollution problem seems to be challenging for persons all over the planet and implementing the zero waste plan is a solution that we should discuss more often.
There are many plastic products we don’t need even though they make life a little easier for us, The plastic straws and the plastic shopping bags are the main items we can live without I think.

Plastic is used to make many products and we find it hard to avoid plastic even though we know it is bad for our environment. There has been public education campaigns about the issue in my country and more persons are now saying they are willing to change some of their habits, so they can reduce plastic use.
It would be good if more public campaigns could be done and I would like to see more done to educate the children about the problem so they can be a part of the solution as well. They can start working towards having a future that is bright, it is good for them to start early.

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Plastic Pollution in London
Even in London he plastic waste crisis has won the attention of Britain’s Royal Statistical Society which chose to pay attention to the amount of plastic that has never been recycled, as it’s international statistic of the year.

Public awareness grew even more when a film maker made the documentary that showed Turtles shrouded in plastic and other horrors.
It would be good if more film makers could highlight the problem like this before it gets worst.

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The worlds population is increasing rapidly and the amount of plastic products we use is increasing, due to our fast pace lifestyle.
If there are no major changes in the way plastic is treated on the planet we will continue destroying the oceans, the marine animals and our own health.

The plan to recycle is not helping the problem much, as must of the plastic is no being recycled at the moment.

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When you put tote bags in your car and refuse the plastic shopping bags and do other things to reduce the amount of plastic we use.
Now that there is a project for environmental protection awareness, you can easily spread the word about the solution for the plastic pollution problem.

When children are aware of all the simple things they can do to protect the environment. They will be ready to do the right things and make plans to live in a healthy environment.

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The eBooks for children are written with rhymes and they are filled with the information the children will need when they are getting ready to be environmentalists.
They will fall in love with the cute pink baby Turtle “Taffy” and do all they can to protect her.

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Colorful Headbands and other Accessories

You can order beautiful headbands as you contribute to the project for the children and the environment. Choose the colors you like.

If you are tired of the way you look, in just one hairstyle everyday? You can create a new look in less than a minute with a headband. No need to visit the hairdresser and spend a lot of money.

Little girls will love wearing these headbands too, They are made in all sizes and they stretch to fit. Some baby girls like seeing them around their wrists as well.
They add color and difference to a look. You can never have too much of them.




Send me a message and I will tell you more about them and how you can place your order as we work towards having a healthy environment.

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Fun Writings and Things Interview

Fun Writings and Things Interview  is here


More interesting facts are here about the creative writer who has been working on this project for many years.

Learn more about the new way to show children how much you care about  #environmental protection awareness and their future. Take a look at the ebooks and fiverr gigs. I’m sure you will find something here that you will like. There are e books about love, motivation, the island paradise and environmental issues.


You can look forward to having the ebook that is written about tree planting for the children. It will be coming out soon , the cover is ready. More contributions will help with formatting and illustration cost.



Children will fall in love with the great outdoors when they are doing all they can to protect their environment. Supporting this project and giving them gifts that will keep on giving; is a great thing to do. The homepage has all the ebooks and fiverr gigs there as well.