How you can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

When we reduce our Carbon Footprint we combat climate change Let us tell the children about it, so they won’t believe our actions are strange When we stop eating meat and unplug our devices that are not being used They will understand how to reduce the Carbon footprint and think before they choose Driving lessContinue reading “How you can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint”

Great Opportunities for Young Environmentalists

There are great opportunities out there For young people who have decided to care About protecting the environment So they can have a life that is decent They have started making straws with bamboo They make other products and reusable bags too When treating the environment right becomes a business You know we are onContinue reading “Great Opportunities for Young Environmentalists”

An Alternative For Plastic

Can I say we don’t want to use the containers we used before plastic was invented? Don’t you think we should launch more environmental protection campaigns? Since respiratory problems are on the increase, let’s do more to reduce illness and pain Our children are depending on us in every way We should want them toContinue reading “An Alternative For Plastic”

Recycling and Job Creation

If we could find ways to recycle more of our waste, we would have a lot more things to share And we would be showing just how much we care About our environment and our children’s future A lot of jobs would be created and our lives would be better Job creation might reduce crimeContinue reading “Recycling and Job Creation”

Plastic Pollution Cause Children to Panic

The children panic When they see the problems that are caused by plastic They worry about the life they will live When the ocean has nothing more to give Now that there is almost more plastic waste than fish in the Sea We need to protect the environment so we can be healthy and freeContinue reading “Plastic Pollution Cause Children to Panic”

Give the Children Great Plans

When you tell the children how to treat the environment right You are helping them to have a future that is bright Photo by on Removing the Plastic Pollution problem will no longer seem impossible You will start thinking about an environment that is clean and incredible You will be looking towards havingContinue reading “Give the Children Great Plans”

Simply Fantastic

Reusing, reducing and recycling plastic Will make everyone feel simply fantastic As we will be breathing clean air Marine animals will know that we care We will be putting an end to plastic pollution And talk about how happy we are about finding the solution So we can forget about the micro-plastic problems And tellContinue reading “Simply Fantastic”

Better Days

When we really want to see those better days Sometimes we have got to change our ways We really need to do the analysis Before we have a crisis As life will not always give second chances So we need to learn how to do new songs and dances Even when the skies are greyContinue reading “Better Days”

Refuse and Protect the Environment

Choose Good health and a clean environment by refusing plastic shopping bags, straws, and other single-use-plastic products each day You’ll be choosing to reduce the amount of microplastic that is found in the Seafood And you’ll be encouraging business owners to adopt a new attitude No more will they believe that they don’t need toContinue reading “Refuse and Protect the Environment”

The Children will Have a Bright Future When They Know About Environmental Protection

When children know what happens when plastic gets into the Sea And how microplastics can hurt you and me They will change the things they do every day And treat the environment in a better way So let’s do more to make their future bright Now that we can easily show them how to treatContinue reading “The Children will Have a Bright Future When They Know About Environmental Protection”

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