Lift Others High With Words

Some folks will tell you, just give up and die When they could be using their words to lift you high Encouragement can make a big difference So don’t be like that weak fence That is not able to help anyone to thrive And we don’t know when we will need help to survive

The Blooming Flowers

The flowers bloom When it is time to forget the gloom When it’s time to see the sun rise Never say life is not the greatest prize Never say life is not special Even when you have a trial As a new day will be coming soon And you will be singing a new tuneContinue reading “The Blooming Flowers”

Kindness Removes Stress

Those who are kind Help others to have peace of mind They look at trouble and lift us high above All the problems we see with their love They simply help us to forget how to sigh And give us a happy feeling that we can’t deny I wish all the people on earth couldContinue reading “Kindness Removes Stress”


Communicate and participate in the work that will build great relationships Spend some time learning about some awesome tips That will help us to have great conversations So we can be released from bad situations Communication is another skill we can learn When we want our lives to take a turn And go in aContinue reading “Communicate”

The Challenge and the Friend

Sometimes a challenge will make it impossible for us to sleep Yes a challenge can even make us weep No one knows when they will arrive But we always want to believe we can survive We only need a new plan and some hope And it is really nice when someone gives us a ropeContinue reading “The Challenge and the Friend”

The Ups and Downs We Call Life

Sometimes life will pick you up And then it might let you down again It can be like a roller coaster ride But remember love will always help you to beam with pride The journey we call life is never the same for us all Somehow we can find a way to carry on afterContinue reading “The Ups and Downs We Call Life”

How it Can Be Easy to Walk Away From Pain

It is easy to walk away from pain When you believe you have a lot to gain When you believe life can be great When you simply forget hate And trust a good plan And believe you can Pain is a burden that is hard to carry So if you can leave it, don’t tarryContinue reading “How it Can Be Easy to Walk Away From Pain”

Unity and Strength

Some folks manage to exchange great ideas and communicate in an awesome way They manage to send doubts and fears away So that an awesome connection can be established And I want more persons to unite, it is my wish The strength that unity brings is what we need So we can help each otherContinue reading “Unity and Strength”

The Words We Choose

Words can help us to see things in a new way When we listen and try to make our lives better every day We should be careful about the words we choose We should never use them to abuse When we can choose to use words that will amuse Words can fix bad situations inContinue reading “The Words We Choose”

The Removal of the doubt

When you find hope And learn how to cope Doubt will say goodbye And you’ll forget how to sigh Life becomes a magical experience There will be no need for pretense Hope removes the doubt Soon you will dance and shout You’ll also be singing your favorite song As you’ll believe that nothing can goContinue reading “The Removal of the doubt”

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