Don’t be Unfair

Now that it is clear That life is hard when persons are unfair We should agree that it is good to care Life will be much better on planet earth When we live in unity and figure out what love is worth We will be fair to each other each day And find ways toContinue reading “Don’t be Unfair”

Unity and the Benefits

People should learn to work together before the bad weather comes a long Love and unity will help us to sing a happy song Life will be like a long harmonious tune When problems come we won’t give up soon We will be motivated by each other each day Embracing new opportunities and living inContinue reading “Unity and the Benefits”

No Man is an Island-Unity is Best

Our differences cause us to need each other more So don’t let them cause you to close the door We can simply depend on someone else for what we need And find many new way to succeed We all have different talents and different skills And we can help each other to experience the thrillsContinue reading “No Man is an Island-Unity is Best”

Unity and Strength

Some folks manage to exchange great ideas and communicate in an awesome way They manage to send doubts and fears away So that an awesome connection can be established And I want more persons to unite, it is my wish The strength that unity brings is what we need So we can help each otherContinue reading “Unity and Strength”

What about Hope and Kindness?

When the down and out Meet the ones who have too much doubt Everything falls apart The broken can’t make a start There is too much fear It causes so much despair So much pain and sadness They only say that the world is in a mess Desperation gets worse, when there is no understandingContinue reading “What about Hope and Kindness?”

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