Don’t be Unfair

Now that it is clear That life is hard when persons are unfair We should agree that it is good to care Life will be much better on planet earth When we live in unity and figure out what love is worth We will be fair to each other each day And find ways toContinue reading “Don’t be Unfair”

The Love that is Strongest

The love that is best is the strongest Even though there are folks who don’t search for the best They don’t find a heart that only wants to give That will help others to find great ways to live Always patient, loyal and kind Love is the greatest gift you will find People will callContinue reading “The Love that is Strongest”

Love At Your Door Step

Love will bring great plans to your door step each day So you can live in a much better way There is no need to wonder if love truly cares You won’t be like those who have no plan to go anywhere You’ll be creating beautiful memories By watching the butterflies and even the beesContinue reading “Love At Your Door Step”

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