Don’t be Unfair

Now that it is clear That life is hard when persons are unfair We should agree that it is good to care Life will be much better on planet earth When we live in unity and figure out what love is worth We will be fair to each other each day And find ways toContinue reading “Don’t be Unfair”

The Love Light

When the love light shines Bright No one wants to fuss and fight And that argument will end As we’ll become friends That love light makes us want to smile And help others to go the extra mile When they start believing that no one cares And life seems to be so unfair Your loveContinue reading “The Love Light”

Fixing the Bad Situation

Get over that bitterness and frustration And fix that bad situation Friends will see you through Soon you’ll feel brand new Don’t you worry at all Friends will answer your call You’ll be happy tomorrow You won’t have sorrow ………………………………………………………………………………………………… Check out the ebooks and find out how to support a great project for theContinue reading “Fixing the Bad Situation”

Kindness Removes Stress

Those who are kind Help others to have peace of mind They look at trouble and lift us high above All the problems we see with their love They simply help us to forget how to sigh And give us a happy feeling that we can’t deny I wish all the people on earth couldContinue reading “Kindness Removes Stress”

When Hearts are Cold

When hearts are as cold as ice People don’t want to be nice They don’t care about the mourners And what could happen when they go around the corner How they might need a helping hand When people decide to follow love’s command They don’t believe they might shed a tear And their own heartsContinue reading “When Hearts are Cold”

Unity and the Benefits

People should learn to work together before the bad weather comes a long Love and unity will help us to sing a happy song Life will be like a long harmonious tune When problems come we won’t give up soon We will be motivated by each other each day Embracing new opportunities and living inContinue reading “Unity and the Benefits”

No Man is an Island-Unity is Best

Our differences cause us to need each other more So don’t let them cause you to close the door We can simply depend on someone else for what we need And find many new way to succeed We all have different talents and different skills And we can help each other to experience the thrillsContinue reading “No Man is an Island-Unity is Best”

When Children Learn to Care

When children learn to care They will empathize and share We will be helping them to make their future bright Even though right now there is violence on earth both day and night There are some persons who cause others to have despair And then there are those who choose to care Some who helpContinue reading “When Children Learn to Care”

The Love that is Strongest

The love that is best is the strongest Even though there are folks who don’t search for the best They don’t find a heart that only wants to give That will help others to find great ways to live Always patient, loyal and kind Love is the greatest gift you will find People will callContinue reading “The Love that is Strongest”

Don’t Hate

Wait, don’t hate Let’s do something great We can communicate And find ways to eliminate All the problems we see out there Yes we can learn to care When we invest in unity We will change every community But hate will hold us back It will put us on the wrong track That leads toContinue reading “Don’t Hate”

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