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Spreading The Word About Environmental Protection Awareness

For many years we didn’t think it was not good to discard waste in the ocean and now that we are at the stage where plastic is getting to be more available than fish in the waters, and fish the fish we eat for dinner can be the same fish that has eaten small pieces of plastic and humans have done tests and found out that a lot of toxins can be found in their bloodstream.

There is a need for those of us who are informed to spread the word about environmental protection awareness. To stop allowing our waste to destroy our planet and spread the word about how important it is for us to protect our environment. We need to think about the future and the children who will not have fish to eat if we continue doing the things we did before. A new and creative way was needed to help everyone to understand why it is important for them to think about their waste in a new way. The environmental project on this site is designed with this in mind.

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Deforestation, overpopulation, plastic pollution, air pollution and many more issues, are in need of more of our attention. We can put an end to the bad practices we have developed over the years by spreading the word about how important it is for us to protect the environment. Telling the children why it is good to protect the environment is a great way to change the way we spread the important message as we change the things we have been doing to pollute the environment. Children will want to inherit a planet that is beautiful and they will want to do their part in creating a bright future for themselves.  Children who are aware of the effect of waste on the environment will grow up to be adults who will do all they can to do things in a different way as they protect the environment and reap the great rewards.

Climate change is changing our world so quickly and its devastating effect is causing more poverty. Doing things in new ways has become necessary, as we can’t afford to create more problems for ourselves. We can’t afford to wait for the next generation to do something about the problems we have right now. We need to equip them with the right information about protecting the environment today. So that there can be a change in the way we care for our planet. Let us show children that we care about their future. Educating them about the small things they can do each day for the environment, is the best way for us to pass on valuable information to them about the things that are very important for them to know about.

We should try to reduce the impact of climate change as much as we can. However, giving important information to our children is a great thing to do as well. Fun Writings and Things has ebooks about recycling, tree planting, reusing and reducing the use of plastic. More of these e-books will be easily found on, making it easy for you to start giving the children the information they need so they can start getting acquainted with the things they can do, to create a healthy environment. The first book in the series for the protection of the environment is found here.


How you contribute to the Environmental Project

Currently whenever you order the ebooks or  Fiverr gigs on this site, for articles for your websites
and blogs, great ads for your businesses, personalized poems for your loved ones and friends, lyrics
for your songs and jingles, online advertising, relationship advice and more, right here on this site.
You are helping to save the environment. As you will be contributing to the publishing cost of the other e-books about environmental protection awareness for the children.  Whenever you place orders for any of the e-books that are already published. You can look forward to the publishing of the other ebooks about tree planting and other topics pertaining to protecting the environment. They are being published over time.

Ebooks about Protecting the Environment

Saving Taffy Turtle is the first published ebook in this series, it is about recycling; you’ll be seeing
books about re-using and reducing plastic use and there is one about tree planting as well. The
environmental clubs in schools are in need of these books. So don’t keep them waiting. Let’s do all we can to publish more children’s books about protecting the environment today. A healthy environment is a great legacy that we all should want to leave for our children.
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“Ricardo’s Tree,” tells a great story about a boy who is excited about planting a seed and watching it grow. Children will understand why tree planting is important and all the benefits they can derive from planting trees.


“Fun in Jamaica- Ocho Rios” “‘(available on Amazon .com is an ebook that tells the story of a family having fun on a beautiful
beach in Jamaica. Children will see all the benefits they will have when they do all they can to protect
the environment. They will want to get involved with tree planting, recycling, and all the other
necessary activities, that will lead to the creation of a bright future and a clean environment. Fixingenvironmental problems in a new and creative way has never been done like this before, so easy and affordable. Our children should have the right to relax on clean beaches and they should have clean air to breath. So let us do our part now that it is so easy for us to give great information to the kids.



“Reuse For Taffy Turtle” tell a story about children who are finding creative ways to reuse plastic as they protect the environment and reduce the amount of money their parents would normally spend to buy toys and other things for them. Your contributions will assist with the publishing cost of this ebook.

Children who get the Right Information will Develop Good Habits

Doing the right thing for the environment is not something we can afford to put off any longer. Let’s give our children the information they need about this topic so they can make the right decisions when they go shopping and discard their waste. The number of hurricanes we see every year is increasing, our oceans and seas are almost ruined by waste. and there are other problems we are facing because of climate change.

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There are children who are aware of the problems we are having and they want to do all they can to clean up the environment and start doing what is right for the environment. So it is time for adults to support them and give them all they need to assist them as they prepare to face life on the planet.

It is just not fair for us to create these problems and leave the burden on the children to face on their own. We should be thinking about all the hardships they will face when the environment is ruined.

A change will happen Faster When Children Know

Change is needed and the best way for us to change the way we spread the information about the importance of protecting the environment is by changing the way we tell our children about what they can do to make a difference.

Persons have contributed to the project in various ways over the years, they have ordered Fiverr gigs and bought ebooks. Children have started reading about the great things they can do to improve the health of the environment. Let’s continue on the journey towards having a clean environment as we now know that our health is being affected when we discard waste in the wrong way.

When we spend our money on the things that will eventually destroy our environment we are saying we don’t care about our future and we don’t mind inhaling polluted air. Persons who care about their health have started working towards having zero waste on earth, this is a great thing to think about.

Zero waste

Zero Waste means we will buy fewer things when we go shopping, as we will only be buying the things we need, we will not be using disposable plastic, we will be recycling and reusing all the plastic waste we can find, we will not be purchasing our produce, our rice, flour etc. in single-use plastic bags, we will be taking our own containers to the supermarkets when we are buying these things.

Persons who have started working towards having zero waste are becoming more creative every day as are saving money and creating new income streams from waste.



Thinking of waste in new and creative ways can save our planet as we find new ways to earn  Let us remove the limitations we have put on ourselves and start thinking in new ways as we prepare ourselves and our children to face a bright future. There is no need for us to continue destroying our beautiful planet.

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The eBooks you get when You Contribute to the Environmental Protection Project


I know you always wanted to find an easy way to tell the children how they can protect the environment and create a bright future for themselves and others.  All the books that are needed for your plan to spread the word about environmental protection awareness are finally here; now you can tell the children why reusing, reducing and recycling plastic is a great thing to do.

The great stories are written with rhymes and the illustrations are great. Children will like the idea of protecting the cute baby Turtle Taffy because her mother Myrtle left her on the beach.

Love and Relationships 

The word love has been used and abused at times and this has caused some persons to be badly turned off of some relationships; a person whose heart has been broken might decide that they will never love again. Does life give you all it has to give when you discard love? Is shutting out every other great romance a good thing to do?

Love and Happiness

Whenever couples truly love each other, they have marvelous relationships and there is no thought of giving up on love. For them, love is the best thing on earth. They give their all to their relationships and do damage control as soon as a problem is appears.

Commitment and More

Life can be like a roller coaster ride at times, with a series of ups and downs. However making a  commitment can help us to stay in our relationships and do all we can, to keep them happy and healthy. Building trust and knowing all about forgiveness is important and there are many persons who do not spend time learning about these topics. They simply get into relationships and do what they see others do.

Stronger Love

‘Stronger Love’ is an e book that is filled with beautiful poems about love and more of what it takes for us to have lasting relationships. It is the kind of e book you will want to have, so you can keep on reading about what it takes to keep your relationships strong, with all your friends and loved ones.

It is a good thing for us to learn all we can about love; as relationships form the foundation of our lives and when they are not working properly, life can be hard for us to handle, as we have nothing to build on. No one to be there for us when we need a shoulder to lean on.


Stronger Love




Motivation comes and goes and nothing much is done when we simply forget about the goals we want to achieve.  Eventually time goes by and we look back and say there is so much we could have done, but we wasted our opportunities and we might even get frustrated. It is not easy to see others reaching their goals and living happy and fulfilling lives; while nothing much is happening for us.

A person who gets constant encouragement will achieve more and feel more self confident than others. They always believe they have what it takes, to make it to the top and they are always aspiring to do great things. A right attitude is a great asset, it helps us to rise after we fall. It won’t allow us to give up easily, without it we might never do anything outstanding with our lives.

Having this e book “Attitude” will help you to stay motivated at all times. The poems written by Denise are filled with rhymes, motivation, good advice and more. They are easily remembered, this makes it possible for you to have them in your mind, whenever you are in a situation that would normally cause you to quit.

Achieve more and live life in the best way, while you contribute to this awesome project for the children and the environment. You can’t lose when you choose to be motivated and hard working. Get your copy today.


Jamaica Mi Paradise

Sun, sea, sand, Jamaican dialect, water falls, beautiful beaches, Jamaican pride and so much more. Is what you will be getting when you order your copy of this e book. It is a Jamaican experience with a difference.

The e book will take you on the most affordable vacation you have ever had. You will learn the dialect and start talking like a Jamaican when you read this e book. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain when you order your copy of “Jamaica mi Paradise

Enjoy paradise in the comfort of your home, before you decide to visit the beautiful places that you read about. You will know just what to expect when you go.

True Love 1600X1500 final

True Love  

The love that never quits and keeps on giving, is the most important love of all. This love should be at the forefront of our minds at ll times. It gives us a guide so we can decide which relationships we should keep and which ones we don’t need.

True Love is like a compass for lives. The love by which all others are measured. Relationships are great when persons know how to give and receive love. Honesty, trust, forgiveness, kindness, patience and more of the great ingredients that are needed for relationships to grow and get stronger; are mentioned in this ebook.

You’ll say contributing to a great project for the children and the environment is a good thing. Your relationships will be better because of this ebook and your contribution will be helping the children all over the world. There will be no regrets.


Marcus Garvey and The Tainos in Canoe Valley

Another e-book that is written to motivate and inspire children. They will like reading about a charming granddaughter who loves listening to her grandfathers stories. She learns about the heroes who wanted her to have a good life. She goes fishing, makes Bammies, learns history and enjoys a wonderful day with her grandfather in Canoe Valley, Jamaica.

Another great ebook for the children to read. order your copy as you contribute to this awesome project for the children and the environment.


 This new eBook will be available here as well, it tells the children about love in a simple way. Now children will understand love and they will learn how to have great relationships as they grow up. They will be prepared to face their teenage years in a better way. This eBook will answer many of the questions children are always asking about love so they won’t be as confused.