Saving the Planet for the Next Generation

Save out Planet before the next generation becomes more upset

The Solution For the Eco-Crisis is a Revolution that Should Happen inside us

We can see environmental protection awareness as a step in the right direction

Climate Change and the Melting Glaciers

Climate change is saying we need to act now

Can Simplified Climate Solution help Children to Take care of the Environment in a Better Way?

Would you like to tell the children about the climate solutions so they can help to reduce pollution? There is a need for climate action and if we won’t change what we are doing, we won’t be see any change that will lead to satisfaction Children can develop the right eco-habits and start going greenContinue reading “Can Simplified Climate Solution help Children to Take care of the Environment in a Better Way?”

Hear the Earth’s Cry

Let me plant a tree
Let me protect a bee
If change will begin
Let it begin with me

Some Folks got Special Words for their E Cards when they Contributed to the Eco Friendly Project for the Children

Send special words for your loved ones and friends

Now that 2020 is coming to an end

Mother Nature’s Many Gifts

Beautiful beaches and lovely water falls They say it all If we won’t protect them one day our backs will be against the wall We should listen when the scientists speak and when the environmentalists call Mother Nature delivers so many treasures They surely add to our pleasure I believe those beautiful blooms were designedContinue reading “Mother Nature’s Many Gifts”

Lift Others High With Words

Some folks will tell you, just give up and die When they could be using their words to lift you high Encouragement can make a big difference So don’t be like that weak fence That is not able to help anyone to thrive And we don’t know when we will need help to survive

Climbing to the Top

If you decide to stop climbing You’ll never know about the excitement that success brings You’ll never have a different point of view And have the experiences that are brand new So keep on climbing until you get there Forget about doubt and fear Think about the great feeling you will have Keep on movingContinue reading “Climbing to the Top”

Don’t be Unfair

Now that it is clear That life is hard when persons are unfair We should agree that it is good to care Life will be much better on planet earth When we live in unity and figure out what love is worth We will be fair to each other each day And find ways toContinue reading “Don’t be Unfair”

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