Pollution Can Destroy Beautiful Places

When more people go green and tell the children about it, pollution wil be reduced

Is it Impossible for Us to make the Needed Changes to Reduce Global Warming?

All the new devices we have seen recently need electricity for their operation The laptops, cell phones and all the other new devices need energy, but the use of fossil fuel is putting the world in a bad situation So even though some individuals believe there are only a few ways for economies to growContinue reading “Is it Impossible for Us to make the Needed Changes to Reduce Global Warming?”

Make Amazon Reduce Carbon Footprint and Pay on Black Friday

If consumers would wake up and stop shopping so much
Business tycoons would be willing to keep in touch

Sea Level Rise and the Changes that are Already Made

We don’t need to sit and wait for all the land to be covered by water before we act
We can simply accept that climate change is a fact

Consumers Have the Power to fix the Pollution Problems we See

I more of us could stop buying things we don’t need, the pollution problem would eventually disappear

Consumers Failing to be a part of the Circular Economy

We shouldn’t wait until resources are depleted to make a change

Using Shampoo Bars- A Great Way to Reduce Plastic use

Use shampoo bars as you Plan to use less plastic

More Manufacturers will Say No to Plastic Packaging and yes to Environmental Care when we Decide that We Want to have Clean Water and Air

Manufacturers can change they way the package products

Landfills- The Many Problems and Solutions they Represent

We benefit a lot from clean energy

Hear the Earth’s Cry

Let me plant a tree
Let me protect a bee
If change will begin
Let it begin with me

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