The plans Made for the Green Future

Working towards having a green future is the best thing we can do

We Have The Knowledge and the Technology To Protect our Children’s Future

The future will be bright if we treat the environment just right

Are We Ignoring the Warning Signs? So we can Keep on cutting down Trees

When more green jobs are created it is easier for us to survive
And the poor will thrive

Buy in Bulk, Save Money, the Environment and More

When you buy in bulk you save in many ways You spend less time shopping, less money and you create less waste When you have everything you need at home You won’t buy the things you see when you roam The large containers you get are easily reused in many ways When the small containersContinue reading “Buy in Bulk, Save Money, the Environment and More”

Not Protecting the Environment

Protecting the environment is not that important they say The environment will fix itself one day But they don’t talk about the air quality at all They don’t see how the number of mosquito-borne diseases would fall When the environment is clean When the plastic pollution problem is not seen They don’t think about bacteriaContinue reading “Not Protecting the Environment”

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