Climate Change Denial Can Cause a Prolonged Climate Crisis

Climate change denial can cause more stress

Failed Rainy Seasons, Harvests Failing, Dried River – Climate Change is Happening

Let us wake up and show compassion for the people who are suffering in Africa today There might be something you can do to help them to live in a better way If the earth gets any warmer, trees will not grow anymore Let us try to make an effort to change our ways soContinue reading “Failed Rainy Seasons, Harvests Failing, Dried River – Climate Change is Happening”

Climate Damage Cause Farmers to Lose Crops and More

Climate damage affect economies let us take action

The Solution For Plastic Pollution Should be Advertised

We can build environmental protection awareness in a brand new way And help children to start planning for a brighter day The Manufacturers of plastic packaging can advertise the solutions for plastic pollution They can help a lot more people on the planet to make better decisions Since greenhouse gas in the atmosphere has becomeContinue reading “The Solution For Plastic Pollution Should be Advertised”

The Elimination of the Plastics Pollution Problem

The plastic pollution problem gets worse each day
But we can find a solution so we can do things in a better way

Computer Recycling is Becoming More Important Each Day

With so many electronic devices being discarded we need to recycle more and help our children to have a future that is secure

Natures Beauty cannot be Repurchased For a Price After it has been Destroyed

Natures beauty cannot be repurchased after it has been destroyed

Now Adults can Easily Help Children to Become the Solution

Climate solutions were simplified so the children can learn about them
We can tell them how to eliminate the environmental problems

When Children know What it means to Go Green they will Develop Good Eco-Friendly habits

We can tell children what it means to go green with special ebooks … they are available on the funwritings website

Increased Greenhouse Gas Emissions Causing Stress

Let us equip the children with the information they need so that together we can stop climate change

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