Launching Green Businesses and Doing a Lot for the Planet

A Great way to start a Green Business and work towards success

There are Treasures in the Waste it is not Just Smelly and Bad

Spread the word about the need for environmental care in a new way
Order your fiverr gigs today

You Will Get a Lot in Return When You Help the Children to Learn

You get a lot in return
When you help the children to learn

Climate Change is Happening and Our Actions Needs Changing Too- Time For us all To Do Something New

We will be doing more to make our future secure
When we reuse, reduce and recycle more

Since we know that it is Good for us to Go Green we Should Tell the Children what it Means

Clean energy, clean air, clean water, more healthy food and the list goes on When we go green we are making a great decision So let us lay out the plan for the children so they can understand That sustainable development and going green needs to walk hand in hand For too long leaders haveContinue reading “Since we know that it is Good for us to Go Green we Should Tell the Children what it Means”

Children Will Want to Make the World into a Better Place When they Know How to Do It

Children will want to treat the environment right
When they start planning to make their future bright

Children Should be Encouraged When they are Interested in Protecting the Environment

Eco kids are preparing to make the future bright
Encourage them so they will keep on doing what is right

Free Samples and the Children’s Eco-Project Update

First I should thank all the individuals who have contributed to the eco-project over the many years, you have liked my posts , commented on them, given me great reviews on my eBooks and Fiverr gigs and encouraged me to keep on trying… I appreciate your support a lot. Working on the solution for plasticContinue reading “Free Samples and the Children’s Eco-Project Update”

Calling All Adults to Take a Look at the Eco Friendly Project for the Children

Working towards having a bright future is something we can do
Solutions are here and there is a lot we can do

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