Ozone Layer Restored?

If the ozone layer could be restored the climate crisis can end

Ecofriendly Tips For Green Businesses

Great ecofriendly business ideas can help us to replace the income we got from our jobs

A Healthy Environment and Our Health Goes Hand in Hand

When we understand why health is more important than wealth we will change our ways
And help our children to look forward to seeing brighter days

How Food is Contaminated When the Environment is Not Protected

The problems we face because of unhealthy food are increasing
We need change so that the diseases can start decreasing

Increased Poverty Linked with Poor Environmental Management Plans

Poverty can be avoided when we change the way we treat the environment
So let us make a commitment

Economics and the Environment – What Causes Increased Poverty and a lot of uncertainty

We should be finding more ways to reduce poverty
Instead adding to the calamity

You Will Get a Lot in Return When You Help the Children to Learn

You get a lot in return
When you help the children to learn

No Planet B

We will not want to destroy planet Earth
When we stop to think of her worth

When more People are Aware of The Need for Environmental Care the Problems we have Will Be Reduced

We can spread the word about the need for environmental care in a better way
When we tell the children about it each and every day

Scientists Help to Inform so We Can be aware of What we Should Do to Keep the Environment Healthy

Good to see organizations helping to make a difference
Environmental protection is important we shouldn’t bother with pretense

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