The Elimination of the Plastics Pollution Problem

The plastic pollution problem gets worse each day
But we can find a solution so we can do things in a better way

Adding to the Pollution and Disregarding Solutions

Now that we know that there are many solution for the problem of plastic pollution we should change
So we can find better ways to manage

High Technology and Environmental Protection Combined

Technology provides a great solution for pollution

How Bottled Water Adds to the Plastic Pollution Problem

Solving the plastic pollution problem can be done
There are changes we can make and the battle can be won

More Plastic in the Sea than Fish?

Let’s work towards removing the plastic pollution problem
The children can learn about the solution, let us tell them

If You Don’t Plan to Recycle More How will you have a Future that is Secure?

More recycling is the solution for plastic pollution
Let us change the bad situation

Beach Clean Up- One Man Made the Difference

If more of us would seek to protect the beaches each day
We would treat the environment in a better way

If We Would Apply the Solution We Would get rid of The Pollution Problem

Now it is easy to tell the children more about environmental care
By simply supporting the project that is found right here

Climate Change is Happening and Our Actions Needs Changing Too- Time For us all To Do Something New

We will be doing more to make our future secure
When we reuse, reduce and recycle more

The Eco Warriors Should not be the Only Ones Who are Tackling the Pollution Problem

If we could change the way we educate the children about environmental protection They would grow up with plans to live in a clean environment and make much better decisions There are cycles that are hard to break because bad habits are passed on from generation to generation Now we wonder how worst can theseContinue reading “The Eco Warriors Should not be the Only Ones Who are Tackling the Pollution Problem”

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