Pollution Can Destroy Beautiful Places

When more people go green and tell the children about it, pollution wil be reduced

So Many Business Ideas out there for people Who are Aware of the Need for Environmental Care

A new ecofriendly business idea that changed the way families treat Christmas trees

It is Easy for Everyone on the Planet to Plan for a Bright Future

Let us do our part to make the future bright

Why are People Locked up When They Try to Protect Their Land?

Shouldn’t the people be able to protect their land at all times?

When High Profits in the Fast Fashion Industry = Oppression and Devastation We should Make Plans to Change the Situation

Fast Fashion causes destruction

Living in an Eco Village and Living Sustainably

People who want to be closer to nature, growing their own food and living sustainably Reduce their impact on the planet and live with others who like living comfortably Life for the people who are living in eco-villages seem to be so relaxing They leave the hustle and bustle behind because it is so taxingContinue reading “Living in an Eco Village and Living Sustainably”

Climate Change and the Melting Glaciers

Climate change is saying we need to act now

Conservation Protects our Natural Resources

Conserve so there will be less to worry about in the future

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