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Zero Waste and The Benefits

Fixing the waste disposal and waste management problems are important for every living creature on the planet. There are many job opportunities that we can create with waste, when more reusing and recycling is done.

The Zero Waste Plan
The Zero Waste Plan is best for the environment as a lot more reusing, reducing and recycling will be done. Spreading the word about the importance of environmental protection is very important at this time.

Consumerism has caused an increase in the amount of waste persons discard these days. Single-use-plastic has become a huge problem as plastic straws and plastic packaging is being swallowed by marine creatures and they are dying when the eat plastic waste and feel full when they are actually starving.

Reducing the amount of non biodegradable packaging we use each day, can help us to have a clean and healthy environment.

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Micro plastic in the ocean is digested by the fish humans eat, and that is bad for our health.
Plastic is toxic and we can all do our part to protect the environment and our own health.
There were many persons who believed that the oceans were the perfect place to dump everything they didn’t want, because it would just disappear, but this isn’t so. Our waste does terrible damage to the same marine animals we like to eat and that endangers our health.
Implementing the zero waste plan will solve many of these problems we have because of plastic pollution at this time.

There are books here for children to read, they will be learning about the importance of environmental protection.

Telling the Children

When children know about these issues, they will try to help in many ways to protect the environment. Persons have supported a project that provides ebooks for the children, they can learn about the effect plastic pollution has on the environment and what they can do to help their parents to reduce plastic pollution.

Fixing the Plastic Pollution Problem
A lot of manufacturers have started doing their part as they are trying to fix the plastic pollution problem, even though there is a lot more to be done. The most important part of the plan to reduce plastic pollution, is helping people all over the world to be more aware of the damage plastic pollution causes.

There are too many persons who are not aware of the plastic pollution problem and the number of years it takes for plastic to break down and become a part of the soil.

In places where the population is not informed about the plastic islands that are found in the ocean, because of the plastic pollution problem, the people litter the streets as there is no proper waste disposal system in place and all their waste washes into the ocean whenever the rain falls. They don’t think about the micro plastic problem and what happens when sea creatures swallow plastic and die.

If more was done to help persons to be aware of the problems that are caused when plastic waste is not reused, reduced and recycled; the plastic pollution problem would not be as wide spread as it is today.

Zero Waste and the Benefits

When the zero waste plan is implemented and persons are aware of how good it is for the environment to be protected, they will use separate bins for waste disposal, do more composting and they will also reduce the amount of plastic containers they use.

There will be more new products that are made from recycled material and there could be a reduction in the price of goods.

Less waste will get to the oceans and the marine animals will not be hurt anymore. There will be less micro-plastic in the sea as well. The damage that is done to the human body by micro plastic will be reduced.

More jobs will be created as more recycling will be done and waste separation will be done by human hands. Poverty reduction and crime reduction could be some of the benefits we see when the zero waste plan is implemented.
There will also be more waste to energy projects in more places. A reduction in the use of fossil fuels who reduce Global Warming and that would be a very good thing.

Having a Clean Environment

It is important for us to live in a clean environment where there is clean drinking water and air. We should do more to reduce the number of toxins that is released in the air when we manufacturers produce so many items daily. Our air is badly polluted when our landfills are burning as well.

Let us do more to encourage every one to work towards implementing the zero waste plan so that our environment can be clean and healthy.
Waste separation is important as more countries are finding out how important it is for persons to do proper waste separation, this helps the persons who do recycling to do their jobs in a more efficient way.

Project for the children and the environment


trong>The Zero Waste Lifestyle>

As time goes by, more persons have adapted the zero waste lifestyle and there are stores that have started selling zero waste products. When these stores are supported and there is less waste discarded the environment will be healthy and there might be less cancers and other illnesses to deal with.

Earth’s Beauty is our duty, let us spread the word about the importance of environmental protection in a new and better way

We can start today

If we all decide to do our part in making the environment clean, all the problems we are facing at this time will slowly go away. Parents can easily do more to inform their children about the problems humans have created on the planet, so they can start learning to change the way things are done, and start looking for solutions for the existing problems.

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Protecting the Environment and the Tourism Industry

Tourism has become a very important industry in this modern age and protecting the environment is linked to protecting the Tourism industry in a lot of ways. Having clean water for guests to drink and have their baths added to all the different things that are done with water in hotels to keep them looking good is something that everyone in the tourism industry should think about.
Having beaches that are littered with waste, won’t be good for tourism industry either.
Fun Writings and Things has found a creative way to work towards having a clean environment, as it is clear that projecting the Tourism Industry by protecting the environment in many different vacation spots and other places all around the world is important.

Having clean air for guests to breath and healthy food is also important for keeping guests happy and healthy so that they will always want to return to the hotels they stayed at before.
Protecting the seas and oceans should be seen as something that is very important for the Tourism industry as well. When there were more Coral Reefs in the seas and oceans, there were a lot more fish for guests to eat when they visited hotels. As the fish lay their eggs in the reef and fishermen didn’t need to go very far from shore to catch fish, as there was enough fish nearby. However, now that the coral reef is destroyed in many places, there is nothing beautiful for visitors to see under the sea or ocean anymore, a lot of the activities they enjoyed like snorkeling and scuba diving are not as enjoyable unless they go far from the shore as well. It is not good for anyone to go scuba diving and see junk and plastic waste instead of beautiful coral reefs, fish, and marine animals.


Project for the Protection of the Environment
Vacations are necessary and it would be good if more could be done to protect the environment and the many jobs that are generated by the tourism industry.
It would be good if hotels would take the lead when it comes to rejecting products that are packaged in a non-biodegradable packaging and reduce the amount of plastic waste that gets into the sea or ocean.

When hotel managers endorse a project for the children and the environment, they are showing everyone that they care about the future of the industry they earn from today. They know that the tourism industry will benefit from spreading the news about the benefits of environmental protection. We can benefit a lot from having children who are educated about protecting the environment, as they will grow up to become responsible adults who will always go the extra mile to tell others about environmental protection awareness, as they do all they can to have a clean and healthy environment as well.
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We need to have more ocean lovers on the planet in order for us to continue enjoying all the oceans and the seas have to offer. We have taken the seas or oceans for granted for far too long. We have dumped too much waste in them. In order for us to see the change we need to see, our children need to be told about the importance of protecting the environment so they can understand how our lives on the land affect the creatures in the sea and the people who make a living be earning from fishing and tourism.

Why not keep the environment healthy when we can? Why not do what we can do while we can? Since restoring the health of our seas and oceans is linked to changing the things we do every day. Telling our children about the change that is needed and how they will be made, in order for them to have a future that is bright is very important and we need to start doing something new now that we know that human impact has done so much damage to the health of the ecosystem.
Why not have a healthy ecosystem by changing the things we do every day? Now that we know more about nature and what we need to do to protect our environment?
We can tell the children all they need to know about these issues, they will be equipped to take care of mother earth in a better way. The environment will be restored so they can grow up healthy and happy and get ready to pass on great information about environmental protection awareness to the next generation.

Children will want to continue taking vacations when adults are gone and in order for them to have beautiful oceans and seas to enjoy, change in the way we treat the environment needs to start happening now. We need to change the way we pass on information to them, as we get them prepared to face life on our planet.
Remember you can tell them all the things they need to know about protecting the environment with great e books written just for them. You simply order e books for yourself and great service online with fiverr gigs in order to support the project for the children and the environment.

What Children will Learn

Children will learn about recycling and why it is important, they will also learn about tree planting and the benefits, reusing plastic, reducing the use of plastic, and how all these things can be done. Children who know about the importance of environmental protection awareness will do their part to keep the environment clean. Soon there will be no need for beach clean up days and there will be less litter on our streets.

These children will grow up and become adults who replant trees when they cut them down and do their part to have a clean and healthy environment.


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The Best Way To Tell Children About Recycling

Since we know that the average person throws away 4 lbs. of trash every day, and 75% of it can be recycled. It is time for us to inform children and prepare them to do their part in protecting the environment. When we tell them about the effect of burning plastic and other waste on our health. Now that we know how the sound of the waves helps us to relax when we are at the beach, and what it does for our mental health. We will want to do more to help them to understand how important it is for them to assist with recycling.

Benefits of Telling Kids About Recycling
When children are told about the importance of recycling, they are willing to assist with the separation of waste in the home and they will encourage their friends to assist their parents as well.
You will notice that they won’t litter the streets as much, they won’t be throwing plastic bottles through car windows and when they are walking on the streets they will search for bins when they are discarding trash.
The children who are aware of the benefits of recycling will want to do all they can to protect the environment, as they do the things they normally do every day. They will also be willing to spread the word, telling their friends at school about recycling and putting plastic waste in the correct bins will be something they will always do.
This will reduce the problems we have with keeping our streets, our rivers, and our beaches clean. As children who are busy protecting the environment will grow up to be adults who want the environment to be healthy.
Developing good habits early in life is always a good thing for children to do, as when good habits become a part of life. It is much easier for us to keep on living in the best way.
You’ll see that children won’t like the idea of having the waste piled up in many places in their communities and they will want to do all they can to help with recycling more often. When they know about all the things we can use recycled plastic to do, they will understand why recycling is so important.


Added Benefits of Recycling
We use less oil to make plastic when we recycle. We reduce the need for new plastic bottles to be made to store our drinking water when we recycle. Plastic waste can be used to make fuel oil. Burnt plastic waste causes respiratory problems, recycling will reduce the need for burning plastic. Products that are made from recycled plastic will cost less. Changing the way we treat plastic waste is very important, as we seek to have a bright future.
You should tell children about recycling and protecting the environment.
Telling them that you don’t want creatures to go extinct because of the plastic waste problem we have on the planet is good. Most children like animals and they will want to do what it takes to protect them. Finding many ways to help our children to be aware of how important it is to protect the environment is a great thing to do.

A Great Story About Recycling For Children
Having a great little story for children about recycling will also make it easy for them to learn about how plastic affects the environment and the marine animals. Parents and Grandparents can easily get this important information across to kids as they put them to bed at nights.
The ebook “Saving Taffy Turtle” is just right for conveying this message, it is also a book that is needed for the environmental clubs in schools. Teachers who want the kids in their classes to learn more about protecting the environment will like having this book.
Added to that you will be contributing to the publishing cost of other ebooks about tree planting, reducing plastic use and reusing plastic.