5G and What we Could Be Losing

Nature was designed to keep us healthy
But now it is being destroyed by the wealthy

Protect the Trees

Is it true that when the trees disappear Because some folks don’t care The creatures have nowhere to stay Humans start eating them everyday This causes more diseases to spread So many persons end up dead How will we avoid all the trauma If we don’t make great plans for our future Let’s protect theContinue reading “Protect the Trees”

Deforestation and Climate Change

When people don’t know why trees are important We only think about the furniture and other things we want Global warming is happening and some folks don’t care The hurricanes are getting more powerful every year If children don’t learn about environmental care at all Soon they will wonder why their backs are against theContinue reading “Deforestation and Climate Change”

Let us Plant More Trees

Trees keep us healthy in many ways Encourage more persons to plant trees today We are doing a lot for our planet when we plant trees We will have cleaner air and there will be more homes for birds and bees There would be no problems here If trees were being replanted everywhere When personsContinue reading “Let us Plant More Trees”

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