We Have The Knowledge and the Technology To Protect our Children’s Future

The future will be bright if we treat the environment just right

Consumers Have the Power to fix the Pollution Problems we See

I more of us could stop buying things we don’t need, the pollution problem would eventually disappear

Green Jobs and Economic Recovery

We can reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing and create more green jobs when we decide to go green

Economics and the Environment – What Causes Increased Poverty and a lot of uncertainty

We should be finding more ways to reduce poverty
Instead adding to the calamity

The Mangrove and Why it is Important

When our environment is not healthy we suffer
And for many life gets tougher

5G and What we Could Be Losing

Nature was designed to keep us healthy
But now it is being destroyed by the wealthy

Our Ocean and Our Life

the Marine Animals should not be suffering in this way
When we can follow ecofriendly tips and send the plastic pollution problem away

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