Dooms Day Warning in Antarctica as Glacier Melts

The climate emergency should be getting more attention from leaders

Sea Level Rise and the Changes that are Already Made

We don’t need to sit and wait for all the land to be covered by water before we act
We can simply accept that climate change is a fact

Climate Change and it’s Impact on some Lives

Sea level rise have started causing us to lose our beaches and more
We need to find a way to make our future secure

Since we Say The Children are our Future We Should be telling them How to Treat the Environment in a Sustainable Way

The children are the future and they need to know how to make their future bright
Let us tell them how to treat the environment right

Climate Change is Causing More and More Problems as Time Goes by

Climate Change is changing the way we live as the years go by
We should be doing things in a new way so the temperature won’t be too high

The Sinking Land and How Environmental Protection could Reduce the Problem

Don’t allow more islands to disappear
When you can spread the word about the need for environmental care

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