Greta Thunberg Not Satisfied with Progress Made After Cop 26

Blah Blah Blah means we need our leaders to act

Some Countries Contributed More to the Climate Crisis than Others Will They Be Asked to Help Poor Countries?

The countries that are contributing the most to climate change could do more to help poor countries

Climate Damage Cause Farmers to Lose Crops and More

Climate damage affect economies let us take action

Climate Change Causes So Much Devastation

The Climate Crisis will affect us all
So we need to help each other to stand tall

The Melting Iceberg and other Problems Caused by Climate Change

Melting ice bergs and sea level rise
It is time for everyone to open their eyes

Teenagers Want Climate Action- They Worry About The Future

Climate action is what the teenagers want to see
They also want to know when we will do more to have an environment that is plastic free

Environmental Education Will Help us to Plan for the Future in a Better Way

Environmental education is needed more each day
We can’t reduce air pollution if we don’t do things in a new way

The Youth Won the Fight Against the Culprits Who Destroy the Environment

Climate Justice gets massive support from the youth They have decided that they won’t be quiet now that they know the truth Large corporations have done a lot of damage over the years While poverty is increased and people have shed a lot of tears At last the youth have decided to fight back becauseContinue reading “The Youth Won the Fight Against the Culprits Who Destroy the Environment”

Are We Ignoring the Warning Signs? So we can Keep on cutting down Trees

When more green jobs are created it is easier for us to survive
And the poor will thrive

What is said by the People Who don’t care About The Planet

Climate change denial cause us to build on our troubles
Just waiting until they are doubled

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