Fixing Climate Change

Friday for future can change if we act
We can stop polluting the environment and that’s a fact

What is said by the People Who don’t care About The Planet

Climate change denial cause us to build on our troubles
Just waiting until they are doubled

The New E-Book for the Young Eco Warriors and Why we Should Keep Them Informed

The children want to have a future that is bright
Let us give them the information they need so they can do what is right

The Sinking Land and How Environmental Protection could Reduce the Problem

Don’t allow more islands to disappear
When you can spread the word about the need for environmental care

Children Will Want to Make the World into a Better Place When they Know How to Do It

Children will want to treat the environment right
When they start planning to make their future bright

The Impact of Climate Change can be Devastating-and our Actions Should be Changing

Parents who want their children to have a future that is bright
Can now tell them how they can treat the environment right

When You Protect the Environment You Protect Tourism

Yes we are a part of the solution
We can reduce plastic pollution

Greta is Speaking up about her Concerns and People are Going Green

Young climate activists everywhere
Won’t stop asking leaders to pay attention to environmental care

Climate Change Skeptics Cause Problems for Climate Activists

More jobs can be created for the poor when we reuse reduce and recycle more

Eco Kids and their Bright Future

climate change is happening and it will affect the food production plan

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