The Climate Crisis and Its Cost Should be Properly Evaluated

We should do all we can to protect the planet so we all can forget about regret

Climate Change= Increased Droughts and Wild Fires

Climate Change, Droughts and wild fires

The Impact of Climate Change can be Devastating-and our Actions Should be Changing

Parents who want their children to have a future that is bright
Can now tell them how they can treat the environment right

Global Warming-Covid-19 and Food Shortage

If more individuals would connect Climate Change and food shortage they would change their ways And treat the environment right, so more people can have hope for a brighter day There would be more jobs for the poor And the food supply would be secure Global Warming and Food Shortage Some supermarket shelves are nowContinue reading “Global Warming-Covid-19 and Food Shortage”

Climate Change is Happening

Climate change is happening and we need to change what we are doing

Climate Change and Drought in India

Allegations about people making money from the drought Selling water and not helping others to work things out Makes the problem harder to manage Some people will never be satisfied with their wage Climate change is closing down farms these days People are trying to live in better ways After a while there might beContinue reading “Climate Change and Drought in India”

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