Ozone Layer Restored?

If the ozone layer could be restored the climate crisis can end

Say Yes! To a Green Future Today

If the rich is not convinced that we need to make better plans for the earth
After a while we will have nothing of worth

Since we Say The Children are our Future We Should be telling them How to Treat the Environment in a Sustainable Way

The children are the future and they need to know how to make their future bright
Let us tell them how to treat the environment right

Are We Ignoring the Warning Signs? So we can Keep on cutting down Trees

When more green jobs are created it is easier for us to survive
And the poor will thrive

No Planet B

We will not want to destroy planet Earth
When we stop to think of her worth

The Sinking Land and How Environmental Protection could Reduce the Problem

Don’t allow more islands to disappear
When you can spread the word about the need for environmental care

When We Spread the Word about the need For Environmental Care, We Will have less Natural Disasters and more clean Water And Clean Air?

Spread the word about the need for environmental care
So that there can be less deforestation, hurricanes and despair

Eco Kids Project- A Plan for a Bright Future

When we all have a plan to protect the environment And understand why it is good to make a commitment We will find it easy to guide the children in the right way So they will want to protect the environment more each day Even they will like treating the environment right When they haveContinue reading “Eco Kids Project- A Plan for a Bright Future”

The use of Eco Friendly Tips Can Put us in a Win Win Situation With Our Health and Our Planet

We can’t lose when we choose to protect the environment
So let us all make a commitment

Melting Ice in Antarctica and the Rising Sea Level

Melting ice in Antartica and the rising sea level caused by climate change

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