Too Much Plastic Waste on the Beaches

There is far too much plastic waste out there
We must start paying more attention to environmental care

Celebrating Another World Ocean Day

On this World Ocean Day
Let us do more to send the pollution problem away

More Plastic in the Sea than Fish?

Let’s work towards removing the plastic pollution problem
The children can learn about the solution, let us tell them

The Oceans Can Feed a Lot More People When they’re Healthy

We can save the oceans and feed all the hungry people out there
When we to spread the word about the need for environmental care

Why we need to figure out how to treat plastic when it is not needed anymore

It is important for us to have clean water and air
Let us spread the word about the need for environmental care

Plastic in Sea Food and in Our Bodies

Plastic in the Ocean becomes a bigger problem as the days go by It is said that Sea food is not healthy anymore? And we might ask why Why won’t humans do more to protect their own health Why won’t we say it is better for us to be healthy even if we don’t haveContinue reading “Plastic in Sea Food and in Our Bodies”

We Can Save the Future if we Do More for Our Seas and Oceans Today

Protect the Ocean today
Our future is being destroyed and we need to live in a new way

When no one Cares about The Coral Reef

The fish have nowhere to lay eggs when the reef is not there
Let us spread the word about the need for environmental care

Microplastic Becomes a Bigger Problem Each Day It is time for Everyone to treat the Environment in a Better Way

There are eco warriors out there picketing on the streets as they try to send the pollution problems away

Better Waste Management and no Need for Ocean Clean Up

Better waste management and no need for beach clean up is possible

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