Promoting recycling and reusing plastic as a way to Protect the Environment

We didn’t have so much waste to deal with before
And now we need to talk about waste management more

Teenagers Want Climate Action- They Worry About The Future

Climate action is what the teenagers want to see
They also want to know when we will do more to have an environment that is plastic free

Children Will Want to Make the World into a Better Place When they Know How to Do It

Children will want to treat the environment right
When they start planning to make their future bright

Free Samples and the Children’s Eco-Project Update

First I should thank all the individuals who have contributed to the eco-project over the many years, you have liked my posts , commented on them, given me great reviews on my eBooks and Fiverr gigs and encouraged me to keep on trying… I appreciate your support a lot. Working on the solution for plasticContinue reading “Free Samples and the Children’s Eco-Project Update”

Pollution on the Rise because Some Folks are not Aware of the Need for Environmental Care

Air pollution is a problem in many places
And cancer is taking the smile away from too many faces

How We Destroy Our Own Lives When we Ignore the Need For Environmental Care

It is time for us to start protecting our planet now
We need to start planning for the future of our children somehow

We All Know we need Clean Water and Air So it is good For us All to Pay Attention to Environmental Care

When the children know why we should go green
It will be easy for us to keep the environment clean

When More Green Jobs are Created Poverty Will Be Reduced and Economies will Grow in a Better Way

We can develop economies in a sustainable way When more green jobs are created everyday Everyone on the planet will benefit from sustainable development And we just can’t lose when we do more to protect the environment Workers, employers and Governments will come together and talk about the issues Solutions will be found that willContinue reading “When More Green Jobs are Created Poverty Will Be Reduced and Economies will Grow in a Better Way”

Mother Nature Gave us so much Beauty and what did we give Her in Return?

Now you can easily tell the children how to treat the environment right
So we can have a future that is bright

The Clean Environment and Our Health

We protect our health when we treat the environment right
Let us all pollute the earth less and get rid of some of our plights

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