What will Happen if we Allow the children to Treat the Environment in the Same Old Way?

Ecokids have a good plan for the future let us help them today by giving the the right information before it is too late

Before Our Children Ask Why We Didn’t Protect the Environment, We Can Do More

Climate Justice is what we all should seek
Or our Governments will say we are so weak

Eco-Kids Want to Protect the Environment and Now it is Easy for Adults to Tell Them How

Since children can learn to protect the environment too
Adults should do what they can do

Can Simplified Climate Solution help Children to Take care of the Environment in a Better Way?

Would you like to tell the children about the climate solutions so they can help to reduce pollution? There is a need for climate action and if we won’t change what we are doing, we won’t be see any change that will lead to satisfaction Children can develop the right eco-habits and start going greenContinue reading “Can Simplified Climate Solution help Children to Take care of the Environment in a Better Way?”

Teenagers Want Climate Action- They Worry About The Future

Climate action is what the teenagers want to see
They also want to know when we will do more to have an environment that is plastic free

Environmental Education Will Help us to Plan for the Future in a Better Way

Environmental education is needed more each day
We can’t reduce air pollution if we don’t do things in a new way

How the Children Have Fun With Reused Cardboard

Reusing cardboard can help children to have fun in new ways
Don’t allow them to have boring days

Disappearing Beaches and damaged Homes

Let us spread the word about the need for environmental care today
As we tell the children how good it is for us to treat the environment in a better way

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