Becoming the Change We Want to See

All our children can learn about the need for environmental care
When you support the eco-kids project you will find here

Ecosia and Tree Planting

Plant more trees every day
In a very easy way

Launching Green Businesses and Doing a Lot for the Planet

A Great way to start a Green Business and work towards success

How Food is Contaminated When the Environment is Not Protected

The problems we face because of unhealthy food are increasing
We need change so that the diseases can start decreasing

More About The Zero Waste Lifestyle

The zero waste plan is great for the environment
Let us tell more people about it so they can make a great commitment

The Easy Way Out is not Always Best- The destruction Should Stop

Health is far more important than wealth and we need to change what we are doing now
We can live in a healthy environment when we tell the children how

Reusing More is Great For the Environment

Reuse plastic as much as you can
This is a part of a great plan

You Will Get a Lot in Return When You Help the Children to Learn

You get a lot in return
When you help the children to learn

Since we know that it is Good for us to Go Green we Should Tell the Children what it Means

Clean energy, clean air, clean water, more healthy food and the list goes on When we go green we are making a great decision So let us lay out the plan for the children so they can understand That sustainable development and going green needs to walk hand in hand For too long leaders haveContinue reading “Since we know that it is Good for us to Go Green we Should Tell the Children what it Means”

Can we talk About Sustainable Development and Having a Future that is bright if we Won’t tell the Children how to Treat the Environment Right?

Sustainable development is important that is why environmental care is so important
Will every child be able to continue eating if the don’t learn how to plant?

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