Trash to Cash and the Great Possibilities

Trash to cash we can change the way we earn
When we are willing to learn

Young Eco Warriors Would Have no Need to Strike if Environmental Education Got More Attention Long Ago

Environmental education is needed even more in these days
We need to recover from Covid-19 stress in many ways

The Fight for the Future is on, Help the Children to Make Good Decisions

Time for us to wake up and look at where we are going There are some folks who don’t care who is hurt by what they are doing While the rich gets richer the poor gets poorer too It is time for things to change, we have got to do something new Even our foodContinue reading “The Fight for the Future is on, Help the Children to Make Good Decisions”

No Planet B

We will not want to destroy planet Earth
When we stop to think of her worth

The Zero Waste Plan=More Recycling and a Clean Environment

the children can now learn how to treat the environment right
And plan for a future that is bright

Scientists Help to Inform so We Can be aware of What we Should Do to Keep the Environment Healthy

Good to see organizations helping to make a difference
Environmental protection is important we shouldn’t bother with pretense

It is Important for us to plan to Have Clean Air + A Bright Future

Having clean air and working towards a bright future is important
We can’t afford to stop protecting the environment and say we can’t

If Recycling and Job Creation Would Walk hand in hand we would Find Ourselves in a Better Situation

Job creation and environmental protection can walk hand in hand

When we try to find ways to go green

Wake Up .. There is a Crisis Over Here, there is a need for Environmental Care

Wake up, wake up it is time for us to talk about the need for environmental care
There are too many problems here

We Should Want to Have Clean Air Everywhere

Now that it is clear that there is need for more environmental care let us spread the word everywhere

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