The Plastic Pollution Problem is Huge

We could fix the plastic pollution problem if we tried some more
We could create more jobs for people and make the future secure

One More E-Book For the Eco Kids -Coming Soon

One more eBook for the eco kids will be here soon

Children Who Care About the Environment

Children are concerned about the plastic pollution problem too
Let us tell them more about what they can do

Can Diluted Radioactive waste Water be Made Safe For the Environment?

Environmental health is important for us all

A Change that is Drastic Will Help Us to Stop Polluting Mother Earth With Plastic

When we take action that is drastic
We can do so much more with old plastic

How Bottled Water Adds to the Plastic Pollution Problem

Solving the plastic pollution problem can be done
There are changes we can make and the battle can be won

Show Love to the Environment and You will get a lot of Benefits in Return

Lives improve when the planet is protected

Plastic Pollution has become One of our Largest Environmental Problems on Earth

Plastic pollution the largest environmental problem on earth
Now you can tell the children about the ecosystem and its worth

More Home Appliances Could get a Longer Life

Computers, fans, microwaves and irons could get a longer life if we could get them fixed I wonder if the manufacturers could start doing more restoration and selling second hand appliances and when we go to shop we could choose between a new one and restored mix If more persons individuals were trained to doContinue reading “More Home Appliances Could get a Longer Life”

Since we Say The Children are our Future We Should be telling them How to Treat the Environment in a Sustainable Way

The children are the future and they need to know how to make their future bright
Let us tell them how to treat the environment right

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