Some Folks got Special Words for their E Cards when they Contributed to the Eco Friendly Project for the Children

Send special words for your loved ones and friends

Now that 2020 is coming to an end

The New Bridge

Build a bridge that is new So you can have great things to do You can go to some new places Where there are some smiling faces And find a new opportunity or two And forget how it feels to be blue That new bridge can lead you to new friends So you can forgetContinue reading “The New Bridge”

A Second Chance

When you get a second chance you know someone cares You should never leave their side when you can keep them near Second chances are not given to everyone They are special, they appear when someone made a huge decision It is time for you to do your very best So you can rise highContinue reading “A Second Chance”

Simply Fantastic

Reusing, reducing and recycling plastic Will make everyone feel simply fantastic As we will be breathing clean air Marine animals will know that we care We will be putting an end to plastic pollution And talk about how happy we are about finding the solution So we can forget about the micro-plastic problems And tellContinue reading “Simply Fantastic”

When the Father Shows Love

The poor man that gives his family his all Has truly answered loves call He finds food at all times for his family He finds ways to use all his creativity Having no money and no job won’t make him give up He finds ways to make them comfortable and he fills their cups WhenContinue reading “When the Father Shows Love”

Stand tall

You can rise and stand tall Even after you fall Life can be like a Roller Coaster ride Remember, you can find strength on the inside When the going gets tough You can believe that you are strong enough It is never too late to make a new start Just ask determination to take partContinue reading “Stand tall”

Better Days

When we really want to see those better days Sometimes we have got to change our ways We really need to do the analysis Before we have a crisis As life will not always give second chances So we need to learn how to do new songs and dances Even when the skies are greyContinue reading “Better Days”

Overcoming The Disappointment

Those who got educated, but was not able to get a job can feel frustrated This can be hard to deal with even after they have been congratulated Life is so hard to figure out sometimes And you don’t want to be left with one last dime So remember your creative skills Decide that youContinue reading “Overcoming The Disappointment”

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