Poetry Lovers Got a Great Deal When they Supported the Eco Friendly Children’s Project

Some contributors to the ecofriendly plan got great poetry

Reach For The Skies

Keep on reaching for the skies And one day you’ll get a big surprise All the great things you did every day Will help you to have something great to say So when it seems like nothing is happening You should just keep on singing Think about reaching the skies And you will surely riseContinue reading “Reach For The Skies”

Love- So Easy To Find

We can put love in our hearts And help the ones who want to make a new start Relationships would never end If we just decide to be friends Instead of playing that love game As we give our feelings the wrong name And fill our minds with selfish thoughts That prevents us from lovingContinue reading “Love- So Easy To Find”

High Expectation – Endless Possibilities

Live like an energizer Bunny, always on the go

Great Plans

Great plans yield excellent results a lot of times But if we say our backs are against the wall we won’t plan to climb Some folks decide to hold on to their doubt, so they are always in a rut Living in a run down shack or a small uncomfortable hut Telling themselves that theyContinue reading “Great Plans”

The New Bridge

Build a bridge that is new So you can have great things to do You can go to some new places Where there are some smiling faces And find a new opportunity or two And forget how it feels to be blue That new bridge can lead you to new friends So you can forgetContinue reading “The New Bridge”

When the Father Shows Love

The poor man that gives his family his all Has truly answered loves call He finds food at all times for his family He finds ways to use all his creativity Having no money and no job won’t make him give up He finds ways to make them comfortable and he fills their cups WhenContinue reading “When the Father Shows Love”

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