Great Plans

Great plans yield excellent results a lot of times

But if we say our backs are against the wall we won’t plan to climb

Some folks decide to hold on to their doubt, so they are always in a rut

Living in a run down shack or a small uncomfortable hut

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Telling themselves that they are just not able to change a thing

When others keep on planning so they won’t need to worry about anything

In many places persons won’t even dream for a while

They forget hope and some even forget how to smile

When a good plan could be the only thing they need

They could change their way of thing and succeed

New plans are being made every day so you can make one too

Make great plans, they will help you to have a life that is brand new

New information can change a situation and there is a lot of information out there

And added to that when you have a great plan, you can easily put away your fear

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