When High Profits in the Fast Fashion Industry = Oppression and Devastation We should Make Plans to Change the Situation

Fast Fashion causes destruction

Adding to the Pollution and Disregarding Solutions

Now that we know that there are many solution for the problem of plastic pollution we should change
So we can find better ways to manage

Lives can be Transformed When we Think about Waste in a New Way

Now we know there is a solution for plastic pollution
We can change the way we make decisions

Young Eco Warriors Would Have no Need to Strike if Environmental Education Got More Attention Long Ago

Environmental education is needed even more in these days
We need to recover from Covid-19 stress in many ways

Time to Look at the Solution for the pollution Problem and More

The solution to pollution is easy to find when we treat the environment right
So let us work towards having a future that is bright

Be Determined to Go Somewhere

When you forget fear You can go somewhere You can believe and achieve And even forget how to grieve When you see things turning around And you are standing on solid ground You’ll forget fear in a flash You might even be earning more cash So when you are ready to go somewhere You shouldContinue reading “Be Determined to Go Somewhere”

The Removal of the doubt

When you find hope And learn how to cope Doubt will say goodbye And you’ll forget how to sigh Life becomes a magical experience There will be no need for pretense Hope removes the doubt Soon you will dance and shout You’ll also be singing your favorite song As you’ll believe that nothing can goContinue reading “The Removal of the doubt”

Excited about my Nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award

Love is the Answer

Love is the answer for every question they ask But some folks refuse to take off their masks They prefer listening to the sad news And the negative point of views When criminality is on the rise Because persons take the wrong advise When they could be caring and kind Helping others to have peaceContinue reading “Love is the Answer”

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