Plastic Pollution has become One of our Largest Environmental Problems on Earth

Plastic pollution the largest environmental problem on earth
Now you can tell the children about the ecosystem and its worth

Another Way to Look at The Solution for the Plastic Pollution

When more people are aware of the need for environmental care
There will be no need for fear

Our Ocean and Our Life

the Marine Animals should not be suffering in this way
When we can follow ecofriendly tips and send the plastic pollution problem away

Better Waste Management and no Need for Ocean Clean Up

Better waste management and no need for beach clean up is possible

Recycled Plastic Can Help With Job Creation and More

When we want to have sustainable development and satisfaction
We will say it is time for us to take action

Almost More Plastic than Fish in the Oceans

Almost more plastic in the oceans than fish these days
We should spread the word about the need for environmental protection in a new way

Covid-19 and the Masks we Wear Now Causes us to have Another Pollution Problem to Solve

Let us spread the word about the need for environmental care in a new way
Even the children can learn more about it today

What do you think about the New Way to use Plastic Waste To Live on Water?

Now that plastic pollution is such a big problem we need to be more creative
And use the waste to help us to find better ways to live

New Technology is Causing More Recycling To Be Done in the USA

With new development in technology we can hope for a future that is bright

Plastic Bottle Buying Machine Helps the Homeless and the Children to Earn

Now that the homeless and the children can easily earn from assisting with recycling it should be easier for us to have a clean environment

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