The Awesome Eco-Friendly Tips that will Help with the Reduction of Carbon Emissions

We can use more eco-friendly tips and reduce carbon emissions each day

World leaders pledge $400 billion to boost clean energy and renewables — Happy Eco News

World leaders have promised to make electricity both more sustainable and accessible A group of governments and the private sector on Friday collectively promised more than $400 billion (just over €340 billion) at a high-level summit that called for more urgent action to curb catastrophic climate change . 190 more words World leaders pledge $400 billionContinue reading “World leaders pledge $400 billion to boost clean energy and renewables — Happy Eco News”

The Polluted Environment – And the Damage Done to our Food

A polluted environment produces polluted food

If Environmental Protection Could become the Most Popular Topic on Earth

Support the eco-project that is building environmental protection awareness in a new way

What Happens when children become aware of the need for Environmental Care

It is easy for children learn about environmental care
They can get the eco-kids books to borrow here

The Impact of Climate Change Demands Change

There is no water to develop cities in some places anymore Climate Change is causing people to feel insecure When the river goes dry and people start worrying We must change our ways before we all start crying Climate catastrophes are not events we will see in the future, they are happening now And itContinue reading “The Impact of Climate Change Demands Change”

Living in an Eco Village and Living Sustainably

People who want to be closer to nature, growing their own food and living sustainably Reduce their impact on the planet and live with others who like living comfortably Life for the people who are living in eco-villages seem to be so relaxing They leave the hustle and bustle behind because it is so taxingContinue reading “Living in an Eco Village and Living Sustainably”

Eco-Kids Want to Protect the Environment and Now it is Easy for Adults to Tell Them How

Since children can learn to protect the environment too
Adults should do what they can do

Is it Possible for Countries to Building Back Strong After the Pandemic?

Building back stronger if we are aware of the need for environmental care

Nano Technology Improving Lives in Many Ways

More can be done to protect the environment each day
As we try to live in a sustainable way

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